What is a weed?

A weed is a plant that has gone beyond its acceptable normal distribution due to human caused activities, such as illegal dumping of green waste,planting weedy species in gardens or seed dispersion from the agricultural industry.  Invasive weeds require treatment actions to reduce the negative impacts on the environment and economy. High priority weeds managed by the City of Greater Geraldton include African Boxthorn, Prickly Pear and Golden Crownbeard.


African Boxthorn Prockly Pear Golden Crownbeard
Pile of oxthorn Boxthorn close up Golden Crownbeard

Whose Weed is it?

The control of weeds are the responsibility of the landowner. The City's Pest Plants Local Law 2011 identifies four plant species of particular importance in the local area: African Boxthorn, Caltrop, Fountain grass and Verbesina (also known as Golden Crown Beard).  These species are highly invasive and difficult to control. More here

The responsibility of the City of Greater Geraldton extends from managing its own lands to enabling and encouraging the responsible management of lands owned by public and private landholders. Communication with, and assistance of other stakeholders will increase management effort, but also ensure an alignment of priorities and methods amongst land managers to increase efficient control measures.

Read the City's Pest and Weed Management Framework here

Awareness and Education

Increasing awareness of the importance of managing weed species is critical. This can occur through educational programs outlining the species of significance, their impacts and control methods, and the responsibility of landholders to manage weeds on their land.

The City of Greater Geraldton have collaborated with the community to run the successful 'Boxthorn Blitz Program'.  The program was developed in conjunction with the Northern Agricultural Catchment Council (NACC) to combat African Boxthorn, Lycium ferocissimum, a weed of national significance and a species listed in the Pest Plant Local Law (2011).

Free community Boxthorn Blitz workshops are held regularly in the cooler months. The workshops are designed to educate the public on African Boxthorn and best practice management techniques. Members of the public are provided with a kit (the Boxthorn Blitz Bag) at completion of a workshop to facilitate treatment of plants within private and community land. Initiatives such as this aim to increase community understanding, engagement and accountability for managing weeds across the region.

Boxthorn Blitz Bag

Useful Resources

  • MyPestGuide family of apps to report, map and learn about pests. Images will be sent to experts for verification, who will respond to your enquiry.  
  • Weeds of National Significance Weeds Australia

Report a Problem

Best practice is to use the MyPestGuide Reporter App for reporting exotic pests.