Stormwater and Drainage

Drainage Easements

A drainage easement, generally in urban development, is a legal encumbrance on the property, taken at the time of development to provide local Government with the authority to carry out whatever works are required on drainage infrastructure within an easement.

This infrastructure can include a below ground pipe system and grated inlets and is designed to accept stormwater from road, road verge and public open space.

Generally, no structures or improvements are permitted within the easement boundaries, however some improvements may be allowed within close proximity to the easement. For enquiries, contact the City's Infrastructure Services Department on (08) 9956 6600.

Drainage easements remain part of the private allotment and owners should conduct routine maintenance of the easement along with the rest of the property.

The City will only carry out work if maintenance is required for the adequate functioning of the drain.

Stormwater Drainage Problems

Stormwater must be collected and managed for each lot by the property owner.

View the R-Codes Stormwate Management document.

Complaints about stormwater drainage affecting City-controlled land such as roads and parks should be referred to the City's Infrastructure Services Department on (08) 9956 6600.

Persons blocking or altering a watercourse may be held responsible for any damages incurred. The discharge of litter, dirt, petrol, oil, grease or paint into stormwater is strictly prohibited as this seriously affects the environment and waterways.

Stormwater Manholes and Pits

Stormwater manhole covers are generally located in roads, footpaths and parks. They are installed as part of construction or development works and are used for inspection and maintenance access.

Maintenance of the manhole cover may be required if the manhole cover has been removed or damaged and requires replacement, or the manhole cover in the road has shifted or the surround has deteriorated, and is a noise nuisance when vehicles drive over it.

When a resident or builder requires a stormwater manhole or pit in their property to be raised or lowered to ground level, this is a cost incurred by the property owner and you must inform the Infrastructure Services Department at the City on (08) 9956 6600.