Volunteer Bushfire Brigades

Volunteer Bushfire Brigades are an integral part of delivering emergency service activities within our City and are governed by the Bush Fire Brigades Local Law 2011.  These brigades respond to fires outside the Fire Gazetted District.

Many of the volunteers mention how it has been a great way to meet other community members, develop new skills and knowledge while building resilience within our community.

If you would like to to give something back to your community consider volunteering with one of the ten Volunteer Bushfire Brigades or the State Emergency Serices listed below.

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Volunteer Bushfire Brigades

There are ten Bushfire Brigades located across the City region. Map of brigade locations and boundaries here

For more information on what they do, or volunteering as a bush fire fighter, please contact your local brigade and then fill out our online Volunteer Application Form (HR02)

Are you already a volunteer and need protective clothing? Fill out the online Protective Clothing Requisition form (ISEM01)

flame icon Cape Burney Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Captain: Rob Roffey
Phone:   0437 212 133
flame icon

Casuarinas Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade

Captain: Murray Preston
Phone:   0427 291 013
flame icon

Eradu Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade 

Captain: Ian Grant
Phone:   0407 939 730
flame icon Moonyoonooka Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Captain: Neil Johnstone
Phone:   0418 771 853
flame icon Mullewa Central Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Captain: Craig Moran
Phone:   0439 768 500
flame icon Mullewa South Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Captain: Gerrard Rowe
Phone:   0428 342 007
flame icon Pindar/Tardun Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Captain: Zac Grima
Phone:   0428 720 736
flame icon
Tenindewa Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Captain: Brendan Weir
Phone:   0427 625 021
flame icon Waggrakine Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Captain: Jaymie Knight
Phone:   0415 093 581
flame icon Walkaway Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Captain: Brendan McCann
Phone:   0409 114 351

State Emergency Service

When a natural disaster strikes – a storm, cyclone, earthquake, or flood – the WA State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers can be found helping communities and getting them back on their feet.

The SES provides a wide range of services to help communities cope with the effects of natural disasters, from emergency repairs on buildings to restoration of essential services and the ferrying of cargo and passengers across flood waters.

If you would like to volunteer for the SES give the local manager a call.

flame icon

Geraldton-Greenough State Emergency Service                                     

Local Manager: Ross Jones
Phone: 0499 941 724