Geraldton Jobs and Growth Plan 2020-2023

The Geraldton Jobs and Growth Plan 2020 – 2023 is both an update and a review of the Growing Greater Geraldton Growth Plan 2017.  This initiative continues our collaborative approach, driven by Progress Midwest to bring more wealth to our region by means of the export sector.

Under the Geraldton Jobs and Growth Plan 2020 – 2023, we envisage Greater Geraldton to continue on its journey of becoming a thriving regional capital with a powerhouse economy. The local population will have increased and businesses will be delivering exceptional services and high quality produce to Western Australia, the rest of Australia and the world.

With the Geraldton Jobs and Growth Plan 2020 – 2023 (GJGP) Vision for Geraldton to be “a diverse and globally connected regional capital”, the Plan aims to drive and align regional effort and resources through collaboration.

Geraldton Jobs and Growth Plan 2020-2023

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The Approach

The Geraldton Jobs and Growth Plan is all about unifying the efforts of various entities to go from ‘the individual good, to the collaborative great’. It is about leadership and vision to grow the traded economy with the end goal of growing the whole economy.  It is about pushing the public and private sector and the local community to work together to drive their own success in an ever-changing economic climate. 

The strategies to achieve this have been outlined into three focus areas and five platforms for success.

Growth Engine strategies diagram

Progress Midwest 

The implementation and future development of the Geraldton Jobs and Growth Plan as a dynamic regional development mechanism will be overseen by a newly formed entity Progress Midwest which will be governed independently by a body comprising representatives from business, education/research, and from the three spheres of Government. 

Progress Midwest will facilitate ongoing collaborative and strategic leadership for economic growth in the Regional Centre and the Region. 

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