Drone operation within the City of Greater Geraldton

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is the government organisation that regulates drone use in Australia. If you own a drone, it is essential that you are familiar with CASA’s drone weight categories and requirements, the drone safety rules, and strictly adhere to their rules and regulations.

Where can I fly my drone?

CASA provide a list of verified drone safety apps that use location-based maps that show where a drone can be safely flown and in compliance with aviation legislation. View CASA's list of drone safety apps. 

Drone rules

Learn the basic drone safety rules to keep you and others safe. Find out how CASA enforce the rules and what happens if you break them.

Reporting illegal or unsafe drone use

If you see someone using a drone in an illegal or unsafe manner within the City of Greater Geraldton, you can report it to CASA. Offenders can receive large fines.

Breaches can be investigated where there is sufficient evidence, such as photographs or video recordings of the breach and the person controlling the drone at the time. CASA is not able to investigate any privacy concerns or claims as their role is restricted primarily to aviation safety.