Electoral Gifts Register

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1995 section 4.59 and the Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997 the City maintains an electoral gift register which contains gift disclosures made by candidates and donors, during a local government election period.

The electoral gift disclosure period commences six months before a local government election and ends on the swearing in day for successful candidates, and three days after the elections for unsuccessful candidates.

All candidates and donors must disclose electoral gifts either:

  • within three days of nomination if the gift is received, made or promised during a period commencing six months prior to the election day, and ending prior to the candidate nomination; or
  • within three days of the gift being received, made or promised, once a candidate has nominated.

Gift disclosures must remain on the electoral gift register until the end of the period of four years after the relevant election day.

A gift is an electoral gift where;

  • The gift is received, made or promised to a candidate; and
  • the value of the gift is $300 or more; or it is one of two or more gifts, made by one person at any time during the disclosure period with a total value of $300 or more.


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