Parking in Geraldton

The City aims to make parking in the CBD easy and simple. To create a better flow of traffic and free up car spaces on streets in high demand areas, parking limits are clearly marked.

Signs will display time limits of 1P (one hour) or 2P (two hours). These are free but be sure to check the sign before you leave your vehicle.

Parking Information

Loading zones are for commercial and delivery vehicles only while actively loading and unloading goods.

ACROD permit holders must clearly display their permits in disabled bays.

If you have a caravan or trailer, parking bays along Foreshore Drive or at the east end of Parking Station 5 can be used.

Click here to view the City's Parking in Geraldton brochure. 

Changes to On-Street Parking and Carpark Parking in the CBD

As part of the City of Greater Geraldton’s response to COVID-19, Councillors directed the CEO to implement a number of operational directives including ceasing the operation of all parking meters within the city and implementing free parking with time limits remaining enforced to some parking.

The following carparks are free all day parking with no ticket required:

  • Carpark 2 (On Chapman Road behind the Geraldton Regional Library)
  • Carpark 3 (Behind McDonald’s and Hogs Breath)
  • Carpark 5 (The Stirlings carpark located adjacent to Queens Park)
  • Carpark 6 (Behind the SGIO building accessible via Cathedral Avenue)

The following carparks are free 2-hour parking where a ticket must be displayed (commencing Monday 16 August 2021):

  • Carpark 1 (On Foreshore Drive behind Wonda Bake and in front of Dome)
  • Carpark 4 (At the Post Office)

There is still various one hour and two hour free parking spots, and community members are advised to read signage and follow the hour restrictions as Rangers are still patrolling these areas.

Download the CBD Parking Map

On-Street Parking

1 Hour Free On-Street Parking will be provided in the areas of highest short-stay demand including:

  • Marine Terrace Mall
  • Marine Terrace - south side of the street near the cinema (currently 30 minutes)
  • Post Office Lane
  • Fitzgerald Street
  • Cathedral Avenue between Marine Terrace and Foreshore Drive near Ocean Centre Hotel (currently 15 minutes)
  • Durlacher Street opposite Batavia Park (currently 2 hours)
  • Anzac Terrace

2 Hour Free On-Street Parking will be provided for shoppers and visitors to the City Centre who require longer periods of time to conduct their business such as attending appointments or meeting friends.

  • Foreshore Drive
  • Foreshore Drive near the Foreshore and Wiebbe Hays Lane (currently one-hour parking)
  • Lester Avenue
  • Cathedral Avenue north side near the Civic Centre (currently 15 minutes parking)
  • Maitland Street near the QEII Centre (currently unrestricted parking)
  • All parking locations in the Batavia Coast Marina
  • Forrest Street between Chapman Road and Sanford Street
  • Forrest Street near Centre link opposite the Police Station (currently one-hour parking)
  • Forrest Street west of Foreshore Drive near the Foreshore (currently unrestricted parking)
  • Marine Terrace between Lester Avenue and Francis Street
  • Gregory Street (currently unrestricted parking)

Accessible Parking

Parking bays for people with a disability are usually placed in the most convenient locations. A current ACROD sticker must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle. Parking in an ACROD bay without displaying a current ACROD sticker is an offence. ACROD parking permits should be clearly displayed on the passenger side of the dashboard. This will establish eligibility for the use of easy access bays and free parking provided by the City of Greater Geraldton for people with disabilities.

ACROD parking information and application forms are available at

ACROD parking bay locations

Time restricted areas

In a time restricted area, (for example one or two hours), a vehicle displaying a valid ACROD permit can park for double the amount of time.

General Parking

If an easy access bay is not available and a standard parking bay has been used, the parking concessions apply provided a valid ACROD permit is properly displayed.

RV and Campervan Parking

Geraldton is an official RV friendly city! To learn more about free RV and Campervan overnight parking, check out Visit Geraldton.

For further information or enquiries please contact the City on 9956 6600.