Parking in Geraldton

The City aims to make parking in the CBD easy and simple. To create a better flow of traffic and free up car spaces on streets in high demand areas, parking limits are clearly marked.

To run a quick errand in the CBD, you can park for free for 10 or 15 minutes in bays marked with that time limit. Other signs will display time limits of 1/2P (half an hour), 1P (one hour) or 2P (two hours). These are free but be sure to check the sign before you leave your vehicle.

Paid Parking

The City has six paid parking stations (see map in Helpful tips brochure). In these stations, parking can cost as little as 10 cents.

Parking Fees
One Hour $1.60
All Day $8.40
Weekly Permits $31.00

Note - Weekly permits are available from the City Civic Centre office at 63 Cathedral Avenue.

Parking machines accept coins or credit cards. Change is not available from parking machines so make sure you have some loose change on hand.

Loading zones are for commercial and delivery vehicles only while actively loading and unloading goods.

ACROD permit holders must clearly display their permits in disabled bays.

If you have a caravan or trailer, parking bays along Foreshore Drive or at the east end of Parking Station 5 can be used.

Helpful tips for Parking in Geraldton brochures are available from the Geraldton Regional Library, Geraldton Visitor Centre and at the front counter of the Geraldton Civic Centre on Cathedral Avenue.

Parking for disabled

Parking bays for people with a disability are usually placed in the most convenient locations. A current ACROD sticker must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle. Parking in an ACROD bay without displaying a current ACROD sticker is an offence. ACROD parking permits should be clearly displayed on the passenger side of the dashboard. This will establish eligibility for the use of easy access bays and free parking provided by the City of Greater Geraldton for people with disabilities.

ACROD parking information and application forms are available at

Time restricted areas

In a time restricted area, (for example one or two hours), a vehicle displaying a valid ACROD permit can park for double the amount of time purchased and displayed on a valid parking ticket.

Paid ticket parking – No time restriction

In a paid parking area where a time restriction applies, a vehicle displaying a valid ACROD permit may park without displaying a parking ticket.

General Parking

If an easy access bay is not available and a standard parking bay has been used, the parking concessions apply provided a valid ACROD permit is properly displayed.

For further information or enquiries please contact the City on 9956 6600.