City Rangers provide a variety of services aimed at safe guarding our community to enforce Local Laws, Regulations and numerous Acts of Parliament. Listed below are the core services carried out by the City's Ranger team.

Contact a Ranger

Rangers can be contacted by calling the City on telephone (08) 9956 6600 or by emailing the City of Greater Geraldton.

Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles and shopping trolleys are unsightly and make the City look untidy. Vehicles and trolleys left in streets or Council property for a period exceeding 24 hours maybe considered abandoned and become subject to removal and impounded.

Animal Control (Pet Ownership)

The City encourages responsible pet ownership to ensure the safety of other animals and humans. City Rangers are authorised to investigate all offences and conduct regular patrols throughout the City.


Litter is unattractive and can cause injury to people and wildlife. The build-up of litter can make an area unappealing and can encourage further littering.

Parking Control

The City aims to make parking in the CBD easy and simple. To create a better flow of traffic and free up car spaces on streets in high demand areas, parking limits are clearly marked.

Off-road Vehicles

Due to a high residential population and dust and noise factors, off-road vehicles are not permitted within the City’s boundaries.