Pensioners / Seniors

Am I eligible for a rebate?

You must be the owner and occupier of the property as at July 1. If occupancy does not happen until July 2 unfortunately the rebate will not be available until the following year. If you do not apply for a rebate until midway through the year but occupied the property as at the July 1, you will be eligible for the rebate from the date of application.

You must be the holder of a valid Centrelink Concession Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, State Concession Card or WA Seniors Card.

Note: There is no rebate available for rubbish and swimming pool charges. These charges must be paid in full by the due date on your rate notice.

How do I receive / apply my rebate?

Please call the Water Corporation on 1300 659 951 with your pensioner card details. The Water Corporation will then provide the City with the information required to apply a rebate to your rates. Please have your Water Corporation account number ready when you call.

You can also apply for your concession online at the Water Corporation website.

How much is the rebate?

Pensioner Concession Card or State Concession Card: up to 50% (Capped at $750.00).

Commonwealth Seniors Health Care card and WA Seniors Card: up to 50% (Capped at $750.00).

WA Seniors Card: Capped at $100.00

What date do I need to pay my rates by?

Your rates must be paid by 30 June in order to claim your rebate. Your rates charges will be automatically deferred, where you are eligible, if payment is not made by 30 June of the current financial year.

Can I defer my rates?

If you receive a 50% pensioner rebate, and your property is not co-owned with a non-pensioner, you may be eligible to defer paying your rates until the property is sold.

If you choose to defer your rates or Emergency Services Levy, you defer the full amount, and do not receive the pensioner/senior rebate. Refuse and Pool inspection charges cannot be deferred and must be paid in full.

To defer your rates contact the City's Rates team on (08) 9956 6600 and dial 2 to speak to a rates officer.

What happens if my circumstances change or I no longer receive a pension?

If any of your circumstances change, such as your card type, your pension type, you have changed address or you have become ineligible, you must notify the City's Rates team immediately on (08) 9956 6600 and dial 2 to speak to a rates officer.

Who determines the rulings for pensioners and seniors?

The Office of State Revenue determines all rules in relation to the rebates and deferments for pensioners and seniors. The City administers the rules regarding pensioner/seniors rebates and deferment of rates.

For further information contact the City's Rates team on (08) 9956 6600 and dial 2 to speak to a rates officer.

For further information regarding pensioner and seniors rebates visit the Department of Finance website.