Post Office Lane Lightbox Gallery

As part of the Rocks Laneway Redevelopment, the City is excited to present the Post Office Lane Lightbox Gallery, Geraldton’s newest public exhibition space. Made up of 8 lightbox cabinets, the City is inviting artists of the Midwest the opportunity to submit a Lightbox Gallery Exhibition Proposal to showcase their work in the public realm.

The successful artist will be paid a fee of $1,000 (Inc GST). This budget should cover all costs related to the development, marketing and presentation of the work, including artist fees, materials and costs associated with digitising the artwork ready for print. The City will organise and pay for printing of digital artwork on non-adhesive transparency film and its installation into the lightboxes. 

This opportunity is open to artists of all ages and experience levels, as well as community groups or curators of group exhibitions. Applications must be submitted through the online application form by the closing date provided. 


Biophilia - For the love of Nature by Janeen Horne

On display from April 2024 to June 2024

The word “Biophilia” originates from the Greek philia meaning ‘a love of life or living things.’ Humans have a deeply ingrained love of nature which is an intuitive and natural drive imprinted into their DNA. This collection of Paintings revolves around this philosophy, focusing on the stunning and ancient natural environment of Western Australia. Janeen’s paintings tell stories of the diverse landscape and botanicals of regional Western Australia including Shark Bay, The red earth of the Gascoyne region, and the stunning Endemic Flora of WA. Her father, a Natural History Photographer greatly influenced how she perceives the natural world which has had a profound effect on her creativity.

Image credit: Botanica Bouquet - Gouache on watercolour paper.


The 7 Crays of Christmas by Rachel Weaver

On display from December 2023 to January 2024

Meet 7 adorable and festive crayfish in this fun Christmas showcase! These cheeky crustaceans are a celebration of our Aussie Christmas traditions and thriving local crayfishing industry. Each crayfish represents a different element of the Christmas holidays, lighthearted and joyous.

Merry Craymas!

Image credit: Rachel Weaver, 7CRAYS 3.