Register of Delegation 2023-2024 v.1.6

Delegated Authority

Under the Local Government Act 1995 (the Act) and other legislation, both Council and the Chief Executive Officer are given certain functions and duties to perform. Council may delegate the authority to the Chief Executive Officer to perform its functions and duties on its behalf. Delegations form part of the City’s decision-making approach. Delegations entrust certain types of decisions to the Chief Executive Officer or employees.

The use of delegated authority means that the large volume of routine work of Council can be effectively managed and acted on promptly, which in turn facilitates efficient service delivery to the community. Delegated authority allows Council to concentrate on policy development, representation, strategic planning, and community leadership.

The Chief Executive Officer may delegate to any other employee the authority to perform functions and duties that are exercisable by the Chief Executive Officer under the Act or that have been delegated to the Chief Executive Officer by Council (with the exception of the power to delegate).

Delegations of authority are required in order to provide employees with the power to exercise duties and make discretionary decisions. It is essential that the City’s delegations are performed in a manner that is in accordance with the delegation and is compliant with legislation.

The City is required to keep records on the exercise of its delegations and delegations are reviewed on an annual basis.