Translating and Interpreting Assistance

Interpreting and translating services are available for non-English speaking residents. This service is free for residents and ratepayers who do not speak English when accessing the City's services.

City of Greater Geraldton staff may assist you if possible with a language interpreter by either organising a staff member who can communicate in your first language if available at the Civic Centre or with a phone interpreter through the national Translator and Interpreter Service. 

Staff Language Assistance

A number of our staff speak languages other than English and our customer service staff may seek out a suitable staff member to provide interpreter assistance. This is reliant on the availability of staff at that particular time, otherwise an appointment time may be made or the use of a phone interpreter service. 

Translating Interpreting Service

The Translating and Interpreting Service is a Commonwealth Government service providing language interpreting in 160 languages and is known as TIS National. 

TIS National's immediate phone interpreting service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year for any person or organisation in Australia who needs an interpreter. Some agencies may be eligible to access free interpreting services through TIS National as well.


General enquiries: 1300 655 820

Immediate phone interpreting: 131 450 

How to access the Translating Interpreting Service

City staff are all able to utilise this service and should follow the following steps, please note the service is not available for tourist information.

  1. Contact Customer Service to obtain the City's client code before calling TIS.
  2. Call TIS National on 131 450
  3. Staff may place a phone on speaker for the customer.
  4. An automated prompt will ask you which language you require.
  5. When you are connected to a TIS National operator, please state you are from the City of Greater Geraldton and provide the client code. You will be asked the purpose of the call before being connected to an interpreter as charges do apply for some purposes, and the service is not available to be used for tourist information.
  6. The operator will connect you within a minute or two to an Interpreter.