Food Safety

The City works with local food businesses to develop food safe plans consistent with the requirements of the Food Standards of Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ). Food for sale is required to be in a condition which is safe and suitable for human consumption

How do I start a new food business?

A food business is an enterprise or activity involving the storage, preparation and/or sale of food. Under the Food Act, the sale of food also includes those businesses that do not charge a fee directly for the food, but include a fee indirectly as part of another service, for example a child care center or a bed and breakfast.

In Western Australia, you cannot operate a food business unless the business is registered with the relevant registration authority. A food premises must be registered with the appropriate registration authority before food is stored, handled, prepared or sold from that premises. Failure to register your premises is a violation of the Food Act.

View the Notification/Registration of a Food Business form.

Also ensure you have read and completed our Food Business Checklist prior to submission.

Seeking approval to establish or alter a food business?

Once the relevant forms are submitted to the City’s Environmental Health team, an inspection is conducted to determine if the proposed food premises complies with the requirements under the Food Act 1984 and Australian Food Standards Code.

View the Application and Guidelines for the Establishment or Alteration of a Food Business document.

Purchasing an existing food premises?

If you are considering or have purchased an existing food premises, a change in the details for your Food Act Registration must occur. You must submit the below form to the City’s Environmental Health team and pay the nominated fee.

View Transfer of Food Business Application form.

Once the relevant forms are submitted, an inspection will be conducted to determine if the proposed food premise complies with the requirements under the Food Act 1984 and Australian Food Standards Code.

Where can I gain registered food safety training?

The City is not a registered training organisation but it is able to provide you with information towards achieving food safety.

Durack Institute of Technology and Central West Consultancy and Training Services are registered training organisations in Geraldton who deliver training in food handling. They can be found in your local phone directory.

What is I’M Alert online food safety training?

If your training needs cannot be met locally, a free online training service called I'M ALERT Food Safety Training is available to assist.

Visit the I'M ALERT Food Safety training website for more information.