Development Approval and Checklists

Application for Development Approval Form

When you are prepared to submit a development application, a copy of the Application for Development Approval form (TP01) Application for Development Approval Form can be downloaded and submitted with required accompanying material.

Lodging a Development Application Online

Development applications can be emailed direct to the City of Greater Geraldton at

If your information is too large (above 15mb) you can use the City's Client File Upload system to send large files. To use this system you must have received a valid authorization code from the City.

If you would like to request an authorisation code, please contact one of the City's Urban and Regional Development officers on (08) 9956 6903 or email

Development Application Checklists

Please view the relevant checklists below for information on what is required to submit with your application.

Agricultural Intensive Development Checklist

Change of Use Application Checklist

Commercial and Industrial Application Checklist

Home Based Business Application Checklist

New Dwellings and Additions Application Checklist

Outbuildings Application Checklist

Retaining Walls Application Checklist

Signage Application Checklist

Application for Advice – Deemed-to-Comply Check

Certain types of development are exempt from requiring development approval under clause 61 of the Deemed Provisions. These exemptions include the construction of a new single house, or extensions and/or renovations to an existing single house that meet the ‘deemed-to-comply’ criteria of Volume 1 of the Residential Design Codes and/ or any relevant structure plan, local development plan or local planning policy.

 Applicants who are intending to either build a new single house or extend and/or renovate an existing single house can seek advice from the City via a Deemed to Comply check to confirm whether development approval is required for what they are proposing.  This is a voluntary process that only applies to single houses and extensions or renovations to existing single houses.

 A Deemed-to-Comply check must be made to the City using the correct form which is available on the LPS Regulations website here along with payment of the relevant fee.