Neighbourhood Development Groups (Progress Associations)

Neighbourhood Development Groups (NDG), sometimes known as Progress Associations, are independent, incorporated organisations which liaise with local government, state and federal government agencies to bring about change. They are formed by volunteers who seek to make a difference in their locality.

Neighbourhood Development Groups:

  • Provide links between council and community
  • Network to share ideas
  • Take pride in their neighbourhood
  • Provide opportunity to tap into the skills, experience, talents, energies, ideas and knowledge of people in their location
  • Enable community members to play an active role in council
  • Exchange information with each other.

The City recognises the invaluable contribution the members of the Neighbourhood Development Groups make to the vibrancy of the community and seek to support and empower the volunteers in their ventures which enhance community living.

Thinking of starting a NDG?

The City is keen to work with communities considering forming a Neighbourhood Development Group for their area.  For further information contact the City’s Community Development team on 9956 6600.  

Contact your NDG

Visit our Community Directory for a list of contacts.