Group Fitness

Motivating music, encouraging instructors and energy from other participants make each work out a great social activity and stress-reliever. Aquatic exercise uses water resistance to increase endurance, strength and flexibility while protecting the body’s joints from high force impact.

Our professionally trained instructors welcome new faces no matter their age, fitness level or gender. We have a wide range of group training classes to suit all abilities and interests. All of our classes will incorporate a warm up, main workout and cool down for a complete exercise session.

Do you have injuries limiting your ability? No worries! Our instructors are trained to modify exercises to suit all abilities, making all our classes extremely inclusive and empowering.

Geraldton Aquarena Group Fitness classes are enjoyable, safe and effective workouts all year round.

Here are 3 reasons you should try our Aqua Fitness classes:

  1. Increased fitness. Swimming improves flexibility, muscle tone, muscular balance, endurance, and the body’s circulation.
  2. It's good for your mind. A workout releases endorphins and uses cortisol, boosting your mood. Enjoy reduced pain perception, reduced stress, ward off anxiety and promote better sleep.
  3. Aqua Fitness classes are low impact, perfect for those with injuries or joint issues. In waist deep water, the body handles only 50 percent of its weight. At chest height the number is reduced to approximately 25-35 percent.**Deep water, less than 10%

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Class Details

Acquapole® Boxing

Enjoy the benefits of boxing with additional water resistance. Muscular endurance, core strength, cardiovascular fitness and better hand-eye coordination will all be improved in this class. Decreased stress is also a well known benefit from boxing exercise due to the transition between high intensity exercise and recovery periods. In addition, the work out provides a cathartic release to punch and kick your stress to smithereens. This variable heart rate workout will increase circulation while having fun. Class Time: 45 min Difficulty: Medium-Hard


Use your body weight to complete movements with the support of water. This is a fun and engaging class. Participants always have a laugh. Buoyancy of the water enables joint support while each exercise will tone a range of muscles. These include the arms, shoulders, abdomen and legs. Class time: 30 min Difficulty: Med-Hard

Aqua Bike

Combines the cardiovascular benefits of spin cycling with the resistance and coolness of water. Your instructor will incorporate a range of intensities and speeds, allowing you to work out at your preferred pace. We use Hydrorider’s Aquabike Professional to take advantage of the many benefits of the aquatic environment. For maximum results, we recommend wearing aquatic reef style shoes. Bring your own or use ones we supply. Class time: 60 min Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Aqua Cardio

Class focused on improving cardiovascular fitness. Depending on the session, a varied amount of equipment may be incorporated to increase your heart rate, improve coordination and burn calories. Our instructors will tailor each exercise to suit the ability of the individual. Class Time: 45 min Difficulty: Easy-Medium-Hard

Aqua Shape

Ultimate way to focus on muscle toning through the use of water resistance. Dynamic training will target your abs, obliques and back. This workout will leave you feeling confident and strong. This workout can be modified to suit any level of ability. Also perfect for pregnant mums or those looking to get back into building their fitness. Class Time: 45 min Difficulty: Easy-Medium-Hard


Mixture of strength and cardio exercises. Social and fun workout using a wide range of specialist aquatic equipment. More from exercise to exercise in a circuit setting, using the people around you for encouragement. Each station will target specific muscles to improve quality of life. A different workout every week! Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Deep Water

Conducted in deep water with buoyancy aids. This class involves suspended exercises, which allows for a very low impact workout (less than 10% of body weight). Excellent for injury rehabilitation and elderly. A variety of equipment is used to incorporate a whole body work-out. Class Time: 45 min Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Hydro Chi

Fusion of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. The warm hydrotherapy pool water will increase joint mobility and support balance during the session. This class will improve flexibility, coordination and proprioception. The closed pool setting and calming music will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Class Time: 60 min Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Lite Pace

Increase strength, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular fitness. This is an extremely light hearted and fun workout. Perfect for seniors or individuals getting back into the fitness scene. Class Time: 45 min Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Splash – Inclusive Aqua

Aqua fitness classes specifically designed for individuals with disabilities or special needs. The instructor will create a welcoming and supportive environment, encouraging each participant to reach their potential whilst having fun. Support workers are permitted in the water if required. Intensity: Low-Medium

Completing a registration form is required to participate in the class. This will ensure we are aware of any assistance you may require.

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AdultPensionerAdult 10XAdult 20xconcession 10xConcession 20x
30 min class $ 7.70 $ 4.90 $69.30 $130.90 $44.10 $83.30
45 min class $ 11.40 $ 7.20 $ 102.60 $193.80 $64.80 $122.40
60 min class $ 15.20 $ 9.60 $ 136.70 $258.40 $86.40 $163.20

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