Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles and shopping trolleys are unsightly and make the City look untidy. It is an offence to leave or abandon your vehicle or shopping trolley in streets or Council property.

Should you encounter an abandoned vehicle, please contact City Rangers on (08) 9956 6600. All attempts will be made to contact the last known registered owner of the vehicle. In the event of vehicles not being removed, the City will arrange for the vehicle to be impounded.

Vehicles obstructing public places

As responsible car owners, drivers are expected to not leave a vehicle, or any part of a vehicle, in public areas so that it obstructs the use of the area without permission from the City or unless authorised under any written law

Vehicles which are unlawfully parked in any public area are considered to cause an obstruction where:

  • A vehicle is parked for any period exceeding 24 hours
  • A vehicle is parked during any period which parking vehicles are restricted by a sign
  • A vehicle is abandoned, unregistered or disused.

Vehicles on a verge

Vehicles on a verge must be actively driven and not stored for periods in excess of 24 hours on a street or verge. If you have unwanted/unused vehicles, contact a scrap metal dealer who may remove the vehicle for you.

It should be noted that the wrecking or dismantling of motor vehicles or machinery is also restricted. Work can only be carried out on a site approved by Council and the vehicle or machinery screened by fences so as not to be visible from the road or adjoining properties.

Shopping trolleys

Abandoned shopping trolleys can cause vehicle damage and also make the streetscape look unappealing. Always return your shopping trolley to the shopping centre trolley bay.