Infant Aquatics (6 months to 5 years) 

The Infant Aquatics Program is the Aquarena’s first opportunity for children to participate in swimming lessons. Songs and games ensure a positive bonding experience with your child. There are 10 levels in the program, with the first class available at 6 months old. By the time your child has graduated from this program at age 5, your child will fit seamlessly into our school age Swim and Survive program. 

Each of the swimming and safety skills we facilitate are suitable to the child’s development stage. We believe parents are the child’s first swimming teacher and as such, the infant lessons not only provide stimulation to the child, but also provide parents with important water safety education and skills. 

The Aquarena Swim School has developed a specialised evidence based swimming program that will ensure your child is confident, capable and comfortable in aquatic environments. The specifically designed program for children aged 6 months to 5 years was developed by experienced industry professionals with a focus on child development, safety and positive water experiences. 

Level breakdown

The first three levels are based on age and introduce infants to the swimming lesson environment. They also educate parents on the types of positive water experiences at home and in the pool that can be done to improve their child’s water familiarity. The activities will prepare your child to be comfortable and aware in aquatic environments. Each skill requirement is specific to their physical and intellectual development. Located in the hydrotherapy pool, your child’s first experience in a pool will be just like a giant bath. 

Jellyfish - 6-10 months 

Guppy - 11-18 months 

Seahorse - 18-24 months 

Our levels for 2 and 3 year olds are skill based rather than age based. We build on their fundamental movement skills and build their confidence as they become more confident with their independence. Each level allows child to begin to build their survival and safety skills, preparing them for the higher levels through fun activities. The penguin level (6) is where children start to do more activities without parent assistance and will eventually participate without parent involvement. These lessons are in the leisure pool, where children are able to discover with more freedom to run and jump and play. 

Snapper - Age 2-3yrs 

Piranha - Age 2-3yrs - Passed Snapper level 

Penguin - Age 2-3yrs - Passed Piranha level 

Our final 4 levels are also based on skills demonstrated, where children swim independently with their instructor. These levels cater for children who have never done swimming lessons before, to the experienced and confident water baby. These levels will develop basic swimming techniques, water independence and water safety. When your child has completed these levels, they move seamlessly into our Swim and Survive program for school aged children (pre-primary up). 

Manta Ray - Age 3-5yrs - Never participated in swimming lessons - Swims independently and can listen to instructor without parent/guardian support – Not comfortable with full water submersion 

Dolphin - Age 3-5yrs - Passed Manta Ray or Penguin - Participated in lessons before - Comfortable and confident with water submersion 

Walrus - Age 3-5yrs - Passed Dolphin 

Orca - Age 3-5yrs - Passed Walrus - Very advanced swimmer. Must have excellent body positions and be comfortable demonstrating all Walrus skills. 

If you have any questions about how to enrol into this new and improved infant program, please see our friendly staff and they will assist you. 

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