Register of Gifts 

The register of gifts is to contain a record of disclosures made under sections 5.87A and 5.87B.

The register of gifts must also contain a record of disclosures made under the former provisions (section 5.82 and 5.83) that were recorded immediately before

the day on which the Local Legislation Amendment Act 2019 section 37 came into operation. 

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The CEO is required to keep a record of the disclosures by way of a register. This is to be published as well on the local government’s official website as made available for public inspection at the council offices. 

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Council members please contact the Office of the CEO to register for login details.

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What is a gift? [Section 5.57]

gift means - 

(a) a conferral of a financial benefit (including a disposition of property) made by 1 person in favor of another person unless adequate consideration in money or money's worth passes from the person in whose favor the conferral is made to the person who makes the conferral; or

(b) a travel contribution

travel includes accommodation incidental to a journey:

travel contribution means a financial or other contribution made by 1 person to travel undertaken by another person.