Resource Recovery Station

Why do we need a Resource Recovery Station?

Unwanted items, left over materials and general rubbish used to be considered waste, but they are actually under utilised resources.  Fully separating these resources at the facility makes it quicker, easier and more economical than ever to recover, repurpose, recycle and transform these valuable resources.Furthermore, the landfill at Meru is filling at a rapid rate, to extend its operational life we must commit to more diligent resource recovery as part of our waste management plan. This is in line with the community’s desire to see a stronger commitment to waste minimisation and recycling.

This handy checklist will make your journey to the new Resource Recovery Station that much easier

Read the brochure here

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Image: Resource Recovery Station

Where is the Resource Recovery Station located?

The facility is located just down the road from the weighbridge on the left side. Watch for the sign.

Meru Mud Map

Will there be a cost to access the Resource Recovery Station?

Access to the facility is free to all City of Greater Geraldton residents all year round.  However, some items do incur a disposal fee. Full schedule of fees and charges here

Some common items are:



Tyres (passenger car and motor bike)

$20.00 per tyre

Tyres (SUV/4WD)

$20.00 per tyre


$25.00 per mattress

Sofas and couches

$11.00 per item


$21.50 per 100kg (minimum charge)

What items or materials can dropped off at the Resource Recovery Station?

  • Green/organic materials
  • Scrap metal
  • Batteries
  • Glass
  • Cardboard
  • White goods
  • Electronics
  • Tyres
  • Bulky goods (mattresses, sofas)
  • Empty gas bottles up to 9kg
  • Batteries
  • Styrofoam packaging
  • Household hazardous waste up to 20L
  • Mixed recyclables: aluminium, steel cans, paper and plastic
  • Old bricks, concrete and other small amounts of building materials
  • Asbestos must be declared at weighbridge and correctly wrapped and labelled. Requires inspection at the weighbridge.

What about hazardous materials?

Most hazardous material will still be accepted at Meru. Weighbridge administrators will let you know where they can be safely disposed of. For more information on what can be accepted here


Who can use the Resource Recovery Station?

Residents and light commercial operators can bring their unwanted items and materials to the facility. Light vehicles such as cars and utes, either on their own or pulling small trailers (maximum size 2.4m x 1.8m) or small horse floats.  For vehicles up to medium rigid in size, weighbridge operators will access your load upon arrival and redirect you to the best tipping/drop-off point. You may be directed to the Resource Recovery Station if you have a small load. Tipper trailers can be used for transport, ensuring they do not exceed the maximum size, but may not be raised at the facility.


Can we still bring tipper trailers/trucks to the Resource Recovery Station?

Yes, however tipper trailers are not to be raised. Please sweep out tipper trailer and light truck contents.


Will the Resource Recovery Station accept commercial waste?

If you are carrying commercial waste, the weighbridge operators will access your load upon arrival and redirect you to the best tipping/drop-off point. You may be directed to the Resource Recovery Station if you have a small load.


Will there be assistance provided at the Resource Recovery Station?

Yes, the facility will be manned at all times to provide some assistance and direction for all users.


Will I be able to bring my children and pets with me to the Resource Recovery Station?

To ensure the safety of your pets and children we strongly recommended pets and children remain in vehicles at all times as heavy vehicles will be in use at the facility and other visitors will be reversing their vehicles and trailers into the collection areas.


Can my child/children help me unload my waste at the Resource Recovery Station?

Yes, if the child is helping you unload, otherwise we recommend children remain in the vehicle.


Is there a tip shop where I can drop off items or materials in good condition?

Yes! The Bowerbird, located on the east side of the weighbridge, accepts a wide range of goods and materials. More information on the Bowerbird here

Winter Hours: 9am-3pm on Wednesday to Sunday.

Summer Hours: 8.30am-2.30pm on Wednesday to Sunday.

Recycling ABCs

Access Changes to Cell 5.

  • Tipper access to Cell 5 will be restricted to commercial businesses and medium to heavy vehicles only. Fees will apply . For more information please refer to the schedule of fees
  • Traffic signage and staff directions must be followed at all times.