Customer Experience Charter

Click here for a copy of our current Customer Charter.

Our Service Standards

When you contact us you can expect to be treated with honesty, fairness, sensitivity and dignity. You can also expect us to;

  • Strive for excellence in all that we do
  • Be transparent in our decision making
  • Respect the diversity of our community
  • Be fair and accountable in our service delivery
  • Focus our improvement efforts on better service for everyone
  • Make it easier, more convenient and quicker to do business with the City
  • Work with our customers to understand and respond totheir needs both now and in the future

Contacting us by telephone

  • Our contact centre team members will answer your callpromptly and try to resolve your query at the first point of contact.
  • Your call will be answered within 30 seconds 80% of the time.
  • When we experience unexpected delays, we will inform you and give you the option of keeping your place in queue and requesting a call back.
  • You will always speak to a real person who lives locallyand understands your needs.
  • We will answer your call politely and professionally, identifying ourselves by first name and area of the business.
  • Where possible we will manage your enquiry on the spot. If this is not possible we will either redirect your call or take a message for a subject matter expert.
  • If we take a message, we will return your telephone enquiry no later than the next working day.
  • If you request a service, we will give you a reference number to quote should you need to re-contact us.
  • Should you have an emergency or after hours issue, we provide a 24 hour telephone service for emergency calls.

 Contacting us in Person

  • We will greet you in a timely manner and provide you with professional, polite and attentive service every time.
  • We will ensure all staff wear name badges so we can beeasily identified and you know who you are speaking to.
  • We will treat you with respect, courtesy and dignity. We will listen to you carefully and fully consider your issuesin order to determine how we can help.
  • We endeavour to resolve enquiries, requests for service, payments and ticket enquiries at the time of your visit. If the enquiry is of a technical nature, the appropriate officer best able to assist with your enquiry will be called to assist.
  • If the relevant officer is unavailable we will make an alternate meeting time with you or take a detailed message for response no later than the next working day.

 Contacting us in writing and by email

  • If you email us, you will immediately receive an automated response acknowledging your correspondence has been successfully received.
  • We aim to respond to all emails received to and emails sent directly to an individual officer or department within three working days unless you receive an out of office notification which will specify when the officer will return to the office.
  • We aim to resolve all written enquiries within 10 working days. If your written enquiry (letter or email) requires in-depth research or follow-up that will take longer than 10 working days, we will acknowledge your correspondence and where possible provide an expected completion date.
  • We will always reply to you in clear, concise, plain language that is easily understood.

Contacting us via social media

  • The City’s Facebook page is monitored by staff between 9am and 4pm, Monday - Friday.
  • Any queries will be forwarded to the relevant department for an appropriate response within two working days.

Contacting us by web chat

  • The City’s web chat is managed by staff between 8:30am and 5.00pm, Monday - Friday.
  • Your web chat will be answered within 30 seconds 80% of the time

Response Times

Customer Contact Method Response Times
Face to face Greet you in a timely manner
By telephone

Aim to answer within 30 seconds

Aim to return phone-calls within one working day
In writing Aim to respond to 85% of queries within 3 working days
By web chat Aim to respond within 30 seconds during business hours