Getting Around Geraldton

The City encourages people to be active and use more sustainable transport when getting around Geraldton by walking, cycling, scooting, skating, skateboarding and taking public transport. We also have a strategy to guide investment into transport infrastructure that helps us become a more walking and cycling friendly city.

Shared Paths

The City aims to achieve a safe and efficient pathway network as part of an integrated transport system for all users. This includes pedestrians, cyclists and people with disabilities. Additionally, we work with other WA Government agencies to promote the environmental, health and economic benefits of walking and cycling. We also have a strategy in place to help us create a safe, direct and comfortable integrated cycling network.

Recently completed shared paths:

Shared paths currently being delivered:


Mayor with Bluff Point Primary School students Shared Path 1 Shared apth 2

Your Move

Map Your Move is your guide for walking, cycling and using public transport in the City of Greater Geraldton. The map aims to promote sustainable travel choices.

Your Move Greater Geraldton can be downloaded onto your iOS or Android device.

The map has been created by the Department of Transport, in conjunction with the City of Greater Geraldton and the Mid West Sports Federation, if you require any further information, please visit the Your Move website

Map Your Move Flyer Cover

What is Sustainable Transport ?

Creating neighbourhoods that encourage people to choose an active mode of transport is a great way to keep the community healthy. Sustainable transport can include - walking, cycling, skating, skateboarding and public transport because people walk or cycle to and from the service stops. Using sustainable transport to make local trips, such as to the shops, the local park or to visit friends is an easy way for people to get active.

What are the benefits?

Many regional communities are grappling with increased traffic, local congestion, noise pollution and parking demands while trying to ensure accessibility to all services and facilities within their area. While some of this traffic comes from outside the municipality, about half of all trips are local and less than five kilometres. Encouraging the local community to use sustainable transport options can make an immediate contribution to reducing local traffic problems.

The benefits of sustainable transport include:

  • Increased community safety – more people walking and cycling around your neighbourhood results in improved awareness of all road users, greater community contact and more ‘eyes on the street’;
  • Helping local businesses – people using active transport are more likely to shop locally;
  • Improved community health – physical activity reduces numerous chronic health problems and can contribute positively to social capital and mental wellbeing;
  • Access for all – walking and cycling are low cost activities that are available to the whole community;
  • Improved environment – fewer car trips means reduced greenhouse gas emission, less noise and air pollution;
  • Reduction in local congestion; and,
  • Reduced pressure on road budgets – providing for, and maintaining infrastructure for motor vehicles consumes a significant proportion of the council budget.

Public transport

For information on local Geraldton bus routes, including public transport, school bus services and charter services, visit Path Transit website or the Path Transit website.

Hard copies of your local bus routes may be found at the Geraldton Civic Centre at 63 Cathedral Avenue, or can be downloaded from below.

Bus routes and timetables

  • 800: Geraldton - Circular Route via Centre Regional TAFE and Geraldton Hospital
  • 850: Geraldton - Drummond Cove via Chapman Road
  • 851: Geraldton - Forrester Park via Chapman Road
  • 852: Geraldton - Spalding via Wonthella
  • 853: Geraldton - Circular Route via Utakarra and Rangeway
  • 854: Geraldton - Wandina via Mount Tarcoola
  • 855: Geraldton - Circular Route via Mahomets Flats, Wandina and Mount Tarcoola
  • 856: Geraldton - Circular Route via West End and Beachlands
Bus enroute

Bus shelters and stops

There are more than 60 bus shelters throughout Geraldton. Any damage to bus shelters can be reported directly to the City, by visiting the Geraldton Civic Centre on Cathedral Avenue, contacting us on (08) 9956 6600 or alternatively email the City.

The Public Transport Authority (PTA) is responsible for the locations of bus stops within the City they ensure all stops and shelters comply with Disability Standards. To report Bus Stop maintenance issues, contact the PTA on 13 62 13, visit the PTA website or email the PTA.

us shelter

Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS)

The City’s Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS) directs how to expand our transport system to service a population of 100,000. The purpose this strategy is to provide a ‘blueprint’ for capital and operational prioritised investment into transport infrastructure in the Greater Geraldton region. If you wish to read the Integrated Transport Strategy it is available for download.

View the Integrated Transport Strategy.

The strategy provides information to:

  • Support and promote the City of Greater Geraldton to become a walking and cycling friendly city;
  • Improve independence and connectedness for the transport disadvantaged;
  • A modern, integrated, appropriate and well used public transport system;
  • Support and improve the movement of freight to, through and within the City;
  • Create the transport networks to support and enhance the City as a tourist destination;
  • Create a road hierarchy that is capable of efficient vehicle movement while reducing the potential adverse effects of traffic flow; and
  • Sufficient parking to be provided for residents and visitors
Integrated Transport Strategy