Geraldton 2050 Cycling Strategy

The Department of Transport partnered with the City of Greater Geraldton to produce the Geraldton 2050 Cycling Strategy.   The Strategy, which was adopted by Council in August 2018, is available here (large document +10GB)

What's the Strategy all about?

The aim of the strategy is to create a safe, direct, comfortable and integrated cycling network.  The proposed network, which connects people to activity centres and key attractions, has been developed to enable cycling for transport, recreation and tourism purposes.
Purpose built facilities such as BMX parks and downhill mountain bike trails are not included in the strategy.

The strategy was informed by community feedback gathered in the Community Cycling Survey and Drop-in Session, both held in May 2017. You can read the survey results here

For more information on Cycling Strategies being developed by the Department of Transport please visit their website here

Projects From the Strategy

With the assistance of grant funding from the Department of Transport, the City undertook a feasibility Study for a shared path to connect Drummond Cove to Sunset Beach, the top primary network development priority project identified in the strategy.

Read the Cycle Link - Drummond Cove to Sunset Beach - Chapman Road Feasibility Study here

2050 Cycling Network for Geraldton's Urban area

Urban Cycle Network

2050 Cycling Network for Inner Geraldton

Geraldton Inner Network