Communication Boards

Communication board located at the foreshore playground

The Communication Boards are a collaboration between the City of Greater Geraldton and Rocky Bay to increase social skills and aid language development, especially for those who have difficulty speaking. 

These vibrant signs display 60 words with symbols to help youngsters express themselves non-verbally, which will allow everyone to have a fun and safe time in our playgrounds. The boards can support someone with their understanding, expression, making new friends and connections as well as building awareness for people who have trouble communicating. 

They can also provide a way to learn and practice more advanced communication skills. And perhaps most importantly, communication boards can keep children safe by giving them the means to tell others what is happening in their world. 

The Communication Boards have been installed at both the Beresford and Geraldton Foreshore playgrounds, with the vision for more to be added around Greater Geraldton in the future. 

Our hope is to ensure inclusivity for all, as part of the City’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, which seeks to develop and improve access to services, facilities, programs, and events, and the addition of these signs is a step closer to achieving that. 

How to use the Communication Board 

Some people find speaking difficult and use other methods of communication to be understood and to understand others. Point to the images on the board to tell others what you would like to do. You can: 

  • Point to the word and say it out loud
  • Point to several words to make a sentence
  • Use the board to include someone new in the play

Download a copy of the communication board

For more information please contact our Community Development team on (08) 9956 6600.