Council Policies

The Local Government Act 1995 empowers Council in the determination of policy under section 2.7 Role of Council - “(2)(b) determine the local government’s policies.”

Council policies set governing principles and guide the direction of the organisation to align with community values and aspirations. These policies have a strategic, external focus and align with the mission, vision and strategic direction of the City.

Council Policies are developed to further the achievement of the City’s strategic goals or contribute to outcomes relating to mandatory obligations. They are defined courses of action related to particular circumstances which guide staff in what is permissible when dealing with related matters.

Each of the adopted policies is contained in the City of Greater Geraldton Policy Manual

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1.1 Towards Sustainability Policy Framework
1.2 Youth
1.3 Heritage
1.4 Disability Access and Inclusion
1.5 Foreshore Use and Development
1.6 Community Engagement
1.7 Geraldton City Centre Vibrancy
1.8 Minor Sporting Facilities and Self-Supporting Loans
1.9 Commemorative Plaques

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2.1 Investment
2.2 Establishing International Relations
2.3 Abrolhos Islands Tourism

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3.1 Climate Change

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4.1 Elected Member Training and Travel
4.2 Code of Conduct for Elected Members and Committee Members
4.3 Civic Ceremonies
4.4 Establishment and Operation of Committees
4.5 Asset Management Policy
4.6 Integrated Strategic Planning Framework
4.7 Risk Management
4.8 Legal Representations on Cost Indemnification
4.9 Procurement of Goods and Services
4.10 Procurement via Panels of Prequalified Suppliers
4.11 Regional Price Preference
4.12 Confidential Information
4.13 Record Keeping
4.14 Payments to Employees in addition to Contract or Award
4.15 Affixation of the Common Seal
4.16 Property Management Leases
4.17 Public Interest Disclosure
4.18 Live Streaming of Meetings
4.19 Corporate Partnerships
4.20 Joint Reform Policy
4.21 Related Party Disclosures
4.22 Fraud Control and Bad Debts
4.23 Election Signs

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