Chapman Road Activation Trial Stage Two

An extension of the Chapman Road Activation Pilot Project trialing further temporary changes to the street between Cathedral Avenue and Durlacher Street was approved by Council in November 2022. Works to implement the Stage Two design were completed in April 2023. Read more here

Now that the new design has been implemented, the City will monitor pedestrian, cyclist and traffic movements for 12 months to determine if similar or better results than the pilot project can be achieved.

At the end of the second trial an evaluation will be undertaken which will inform Council decision making regarding permanent changes to this section of Chapman Road.

Project newsletter here

Critter trail art work Critter trail art work

Images: Pilot Project activation featured an interactive Critter trail by local artists.

What's being further trialed?

Stage Two of the Chapman Road Activation Trial has been informed by community feedback and the concept design reflects the revised road layout proposed in the Geraldton City Centre Revitalisation Plan.

What has been changed?

  • The two snaked traffic lanes will be straightened.
  • Designated on-street parking will be created.
  • Adjustments to the merging and demerging sections of the street will be made.

What has remained the same?

  • Testing of one lane of traffic in each direction.
  • Retention of the 30km/h speed limit.
  • 19 trees in colourful planter boxes.
  • Artworks by local artists on buildings and windows.
  • Interactive Critter Art Trail.

Main Roads Western Australia has reviewed and approved the final Stage 2 design.

Stage Two Concept Design

Stage Two Design

Pilot Project - Stage One Outcomes

Although the Pilot Project had successfully achieved most of its objectives which were to test a reduction of the street width, reduce the traffic speed and make the area a more inviting place for people and not just cars, some aspects of the temporary changes to the street were unpopular with the community.

What worked

  • The formalisation of two lanes of two-way traffic had little to no impact on traffic congestion in the CBD.
  • The average speed reduced from 47.5km/h to 33km/h.

  • Public amenity was improved with the addition of:
    • 19 street trees in planter boxes featuring artwork by local students on four sides.
    • five benches and a parklet were installed.
    • six murals by local artists were on display in shop front windows and on sides of buildings.
  • A measured increase in visitors and dwell times.
  • An increase in cyclist traffic

What was unpopular

  • The reduction of the road width to one lane each way as this section of Chapman Road does not meet the minimum road width requirement for it to be four lanes wide.
  • Snaked traffic lanes to slow traffic down as requested by Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA).
  • A reduction in traffic speed to 30km/h.
  • Merging of two traffic lanes to one in front of the Art Gallery as it caused some peak hour congestion. A right turn-only lane heading south on Chapman Road onto Durlacher Street was planned for this intersection but MRWA approval was not possible with the available budget and time frame.

More on the Pilot Project - Stage One here

Tree planters Critter trail artwork Bench seating

Images: The Pilot Project activation featured planter boxes, artworks and bench seating.