Printable Maps

The City provides printable maps that are freely available for download. These maps were created using Cadcorp and are available as a PDF file. The data that was used in the production of these maps is under licence from Landgate.

LGA Boundary (Midwest Region)

The City of Greater Geraldton is a local government area in the Midwest Region of Western Australia, 424 kilometres north of Perth. It covers an area of 10083 square kilometres and it was established on 1 July 2011 following the amalgamation of the Shire of Mullewa and the City of Geraldton-Greenough, itself a product of a 2007 amalgamation between the City of Geraldton and the Shire of Greenough. The City of Greater Geraldton is surrounded by the Shires of Chapman Valley, Murchison, Yalgoo, Morawa, Mingenew and Irwin.

  • LGA Boundary shows the location of the City of Greater Geraldton within the surrounding shires.


A street map is a map showing roads and streets in a district or entire city. StreetMaps are great tools for navigating cities, towns and communities. Due to the large size of the City of Greater Geraldton municipality the StreetMaps have been broken up into a number of different maps.

  • Geraldton StreetMap shows all the roads and streets in the urban areas of Greater Geraldton from Drummond Cove in the north, to Cape Burney in the south and east to the Geraldton Airport.
  • CBD StreetMap shows the Central Business District of Geraldton.
  • Mullewa Townsite StreetMap shows all the roads and streets in the Mullewa Townsite.
  • Rural Roads Map shows all the roads and streets in the rural areas of the Greater Geraldton, excluding Geraldton, Mullewa and Walkaway (broken up into three different maps).
  • Walkaway StreetMap shows all the roads and streets in the locality of Walkaway.

Locality & Suburb Maps

Are the names of geographic subdivisions in Australia, mainly for address purposes. The name locality is used in rural areas, while the equivalent in the urban areas is suburbs. Localities and suburbs are determined by the local council in which they are located, based on community recognition and subject to approval of the state’s geographical names board, which does not prevent them from overlapping several Local Government Areas, however as they are otherwise independent from them.


Postcodes are allocated to geographic areas to facilitate the efficient processing and delivery of mail to customers.  The City of Greater Geraldton currently has 8 different postcodes throughout the municipality. For more postcode information, please refer to the Australia Post.

  • Postcodes shows all the 8 different postcodes throughout the City of Greater Geraldton.