Traffic and Transport

Heavy Vehicles/RAV Network

A Heavy Vehicle is a vehicle that is restricted to use only roads within the “Permit Network” corresponding to its class. The Permit Networks are RAV Networks 1 to 10; RAV Network 1 includes all Public Roads within the State of WA except for five designated exclusions (though some usage with conditions is permitted in some cases). RAV Networks 2 to10 comprise the roads on which the corresponding classes of vehicles are permitted (subject to additional conditions in some cases).

The largest vehicles permitted on RAV Network 1 are prime movers with semi-trailers, not exceeding 19 metres length, 4.6 metres height and 2.7 metres width. The largest vehicles permitted on RAV Network 2 are B-doubles up to 27.5 metres length, 2.7 metres width and 4.6 metres height; or a prime mover with semi-trailer plus pig trailer up to 27.5 metres length, 2.7 metres width and height as given by the Road Traffic (Vehicle Standards) Rules 2002. RAV Networks 3 to 10 permit progressively larger vehicles.

The City works closely with Main Roads Western Australia to manage heavy vehicles operation through-out the City of Greater Geraldton. The current Permit approved RAV roads are shown in the MRWA mapping of RAV routes map (RAV Mapping Tool), which also includes local Government. The City of Greater Geraldton requires an application to be submitted for heavy vehicle accessing the City’s roads. The City liaises with MRWA for the permit approval process.

View the Restricted Access Vehicles Extra Mass Permit.

Directional/Service Signage

A direction service sign is a sign of a non-commercial nature and of interest to the public and tourists alike.

View the Request to Install a Directional Service Sign form.

Roads Information

Road Defects

Roads are subject to deterioration due to vehicular traffic and changing weather conditions. Road defects can include: potholes, cracking, bulging, large depressions and ruts.

Many problems result from the presence of excessive moisture in the pavement or subgrade. Bitumen surfacing has a limited life span.

State Controlled Roads

The roads listed below running through or within City of Greater Geraldton, are the responsibility of the Main Roads Western Australia:

  • H004 Brand Highway
  • H007 North West Coastal Highway
  • H050 Geraldton-Mount Magnet Road (some sections are known as Gray Street and Maitland Road, within the locality of Mullewa)
  • H062 John Willcock Link
  • M039 Wubin-Mullewa Road
  • M054 Geraldton-Walkaway Road (or commonly known as Edward Road)

In urban areas and on the roads listed, Main Roads is responsible for infrastructure, markings and roadside furniture from constructed kerb on one side of the road to constructed kerb on the opposite side of the road.

In rural areas and on the roads listed, Main Roads is responsible for infrastructure, markings, roadside furniture, and ground, tree & shrub maintenance from the property boundary on one side of the road to the property boundary on the opposite side of the road.

Traffic Signals

The Main Roads is responsible for the maintenance and repair of traffic signals and associated infrastructure.

Reinstatement Specifications and Procedure

Where an organisation undertakes the excavation and reinstatement of an existing pavement on a road (for example, to install or maintain a utility service) the work must comply with the City’s specifications.   This specification also includes requirements for other any work on roads that require temporary traffic control.

View the Excavation in a Road Reserve Permit

View the Road Reserve Excavation and Reinstatement Guidelines

View the Reinstatement of Road Reserve Excavation Specifications

Temporary road closures


Under Section 81A of the Road Traffic Act 1974 an “EVENT” means a race or a speed test and does not include a public meeting or procession (a march). Events are regulated by Police, but require City approval.      

Under Section 81A Police do not require City approval for a public meeting or procession (a march) as these are not defined as an “Event.

Under Section 81C of the Road Traffic Act 1974 all road closures must be approved by the Commissioner of Police. The form which must be submitted is the order for road closure for event.

For local roads (i.e. not Main Roads) the Commissioner of Police MUST have approval from the City (local government) under the Act, before considering a road closure.

Under Section 4 of the Public Order in Streets Act 1984 – public meetings and processions (a march) are regulated by Police and do not require City Approval. Under the Act, the police do not require any approval from the local authority to sanction. The Police may ask the City out of courtesy – but they are not legally obligated.


Works on road, may include works by the City, service providers, contractors etc to undertake maintenance or replacement with the road reserve.

All works on the road reserve will comply with MRWA Code of Practice and AS1742.3 (2009): Manual of uniform traffic control devices - Traffic control for works on roads.

types of road closures

Part Road Closures

A 'temporary part road closure' may include the closure of a footpath, shoulder or lane but still provides access for motorists. Part road closures may be requested by service providers, contractors etc to allow for proposed works to be carried out.

Full Road Closures

A 'temporary full road closure' blocks the entire road and does not allow access to motorists. Full road closures may be requested by service providers, contractors and event organisers to allow for proposed works or events.

A full road closure will only be granted in situations where works can’t be completed safety with a part road closure. All full road closures must be approved by the road authority (City of Greater Geraldton/Main Roads WA).

Road Closure applications

The applicant must fulfil all conditions listed in the City’s Temporary Road Closure forms:

View the Temporary Road Closure (for Events) form.

View the Temporary Road Closure (for Works) form.

Need More Information?

If you require further information, visit City’s Infrastructure Services Department between 8:30am and 5:00pm at the Geraldton Civic Centre on Cathedral Avenue, contact us on (08) 9956 6600 or alternatively email the City.