Property Street Addressing

The City of Greater Geraldton has reviewed urban and rural addressing throughout the municipality to ensure all addresses as per the AS/NZS 4819 (2011). Throughout the City, not all past and current street numbers conform to this standard however all future numbers will.

Landgate maintains Property Street Address details in conjunction with input from Local Governments, which are responsible for allocating street number for land parcels. Information is captured for both urban and rural properties.

To view your address, please go to IntraMaps and search for your property, using the address search tab at the bottom of the page, and your address will be shown in the right-hand side information panel.

Your Property Street address is made up of four individual parts; your unique number (assigned by the council), your street name (which is generally a paved public thoroughfare – ie. where your property has access from), a Locality/Suburb Name (CGG has 56 individual localities/suburbs) and a Postcode (assigned by Australia Post). Please refer to the attached list which states the correct locality/suburb names and their corresponding Postcodes.

For more information or you have any queries, please contact the City of Greater Geraldton – phone (08) 9956 6600 or email email the City.

Urban Addressing

The rules are relatively simple – from a start point, streets are numbered with even numbers on the right-hand side of the street and odd numbers on the left-hand side of the street. Generally property street addressing runs north to south and east to west. Unit numbers or suffixes like A & B, allow for further differentiation in smaller subdivisions or for flats and townhouses.

If you are building units or subdividing, it is important that you contact the City of Greater Geraldton for allocation of addresses for the new properties (please supply a site plan, showing the number of units and their accesses). Council can assist you by ensuring that Australia Post, Emergency Services and utility companies also have a record of any new addresses.

For more information, please refer to the City’s information sheet regarding Urban Addressing.

Rural Addressing

Rural Street numbering has been implemented within the City of Greater Geraldton in accordance with a national model. The objective is to provide a uniform address to every rural and semi-rural property to make it easy to find a property, particularly in the event of an emergency.

The Rural Street Address is based on a distance to the entrance of your property from the start of the road, with even numbers of the right-hand side and odd numbers on the left-hand side. For example, the number 327 refers to a property on the left-hand side of a road, 3.27km from the roads beginning and the number 1026 is 10.26km from the beginning of the road and on the right-hand side.

For more information, please refer to the City’s information Sheet regarding Rural Addressing.