Meru Resource Recovery Station

The Meru Waste Facility is visited nearly 9000 times every month and over the past few years users of the existing four bay transfer station have been steadily increasing leaving it no longer fit for purpose.

Construction of the new 20 bay resource recovery station, will make it easier for residents to safely separate their waste, which will reduce cross-contamination, and enable more recyclable materials than ever before to be collected and processed for reuse. Reducing waste to landfill also extends the life of the landfill disposal cell.

The project also includes upgrades to the electrical system and data infrastructure which will significantly reduce the down time caused by power and telecommunications outages at Meru.

Construction on the new Resource Recovery Station, which will be located south of the existing transfer station, will began in May 2023 with the estimated date of completion in December 2023.

Local contractor Crothers Construction will be undertaking the works.

During construction, temporary drop off locations for residential waste will be in use. More here

The $7.36 million project is joint funded with the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund contributing $1.13 million and the City the remaining $6.23 million.

Construction of the new transfer station is part of the City's Meru Waste Disposal Facility Master Plan.

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Image: Artist render of the new transfer station

Transfer Station Render


Image: Overview of Transfer Station

Transfer Station Overview


Image: Location of Transfer Station

Location of transfer station