Golden Crownbeard

Golden Crownbeard (Verbicina encelioides) is a weed found in abundance around the Geraldton City region. There is abundant literature on Golden Crownbeard available on the internet including a brochure by the Department of Environment and Conservation (now Department of Parks and Wildlife) See brochure here


 Golden Crownbeard flowers

Joint Position Statement regarding Golden Crownbeard

The City of Greater Geraldton and the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia have issued a joint position Statement regarding Golden Crownbeard.

DAFWA's position

Crownbeard  is not a weed of national significance.

Crownbeard is not declared a pest species under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (BAM) Act 2007. Therefore there is no legislative basis for any regulatory intervention from DAFWA.

Crownbeard will not be considered a candidate for declaration as a pest under the BAM Act because its impact does not significantly threaten agricultural production in Western Australia.

The responsibility to control the weed lies with the landholder.

City of Greater Geraldton's Position 

The City is reviewing its verge management strategy to see how it can improve the control of Crownbeard.

Crownbeard can be controlled by physical and chemical means and control is most effective when it is:

  • carried out before the plant sets seed
  • combination of different methods are used
  • efforts are continued over a number of years to remove any remaining generations of seedlings.

Golden Crownbead plant