Chapman Road Tactical Activation Pilot

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So what's the plan to 'activate' Chapman Road?

How can I get involved?

What is the Working Party all about?

Is there much community support to revitalise the CBD?

Have any revitalisation works been done yet?

Chapman Road Streetscape


The Chapman Road Tactical Activation Pilot is a 12 month long trial that will look at how the existing road width between Cathedral Avenue and Durlacher Street could be reconfigured to activate the street by attracting more pedestrians and cyclists into the area, turning it into a place for people, not just cars, to encourage visitation and support economic vibrancy.  

The City will deliver the project in partnership with RAC through its Reconnect WA initiative which aims to create vibrant streets and public spaces for Western Australians to interact and connect.

Read more in the media release here

Image: Map of project area

Map of project area

The pilot is part of the Geraldton City Centre Revitalisation Plan which involves ongoing works to expand the CBD’s role beyond a business district, to become the tourist and entertainment precinct on the Midwest and a core residential, innovation and community hub.

Tactical activation or urbanism, is about repurposing underutilised places by creating comfortable and exciting places and streets for people to enjoy using low-cost temporary materials such as tree planters, parklets, art, widened footpaths, pop-up bike lanes and improved crossing opportunities to create a safer, more pedestrian friendly streetscape that adds vibrancy to the area.  After all, the CBD is the entry point for tourists and a place for the community to meet, do business or enjoy events.

Download the pilot project newsletter here

Check out the 3D Fly Through Vision of our revitalised CBD here

So what's the plan to 'activate' Chapman Road?

We've got some initial thoughts for temporary changes, but we want you to share your ideas with us on how to make this street come alive and then together, come up with the plan.

How can I get involved?

There are two opportunities to take part in the pilot.

  1. Submit your ideas to activate the street via our digital ideas competition here
  2. Nominate to be part of the Working Party here

There will also be opportunities to share your feedback once the project is live to help inform potential plans for the future.

What is the Working Party all about?

The working party will comprise of a diverse group of stakeholders who will participate in a co-design process delivered over 6 weeks (additional meetings may be held if required).

The purpose of the group is to:

  • Participate in weekly Zoom workshops – held in a breakfast time slot
  • Collaboratively develop a Tactical Urbanism Action Plan that will be implemented by Council over a 12 month pilot period
  • Act as a conduit to local networks in sharing project information

Group Size:15 people

The group will be a representative mix of local business/property owners, local community groups/members, a youth representative, Main Roads WA, City staff and other interested parties.

If you have any of the following attributes you are the right person for the group:

  • Thinkers and ideas people
  • Business owners who want to improve their street front
  • Do-ers, volunteers and people who love taking action
  • People who may be interested in contributing to the implementation of the Tactical Urbanism Action Plan

Meeting Dates

Working Party meetings are planned within a breakfast time slot for business owners' convenience. Meetings will run on Thursday mornings 7.15-8.45am from 4 March – 15 April 2021 on the following proposed dates:

  • 4 March – Member welcome, project overview and introduction to Tactical Urbanism, guest speaker Valli Morphett, Design Jam
  • 11 March – Innovative traffic approaches to create streets as place for people. Guest speaker Steve Burgess from Complete Streets
  • 18 March – New models of activation and governance. Guest speaker David Snyder from Town Teams.
  • 25 March – Collaborative action planning session 1.
  • 1 April – Collaborative action planning session 2.
  • 15 April – Provide feedback on Draft Action Plan

Nominate to be part of the Working Party here

More details on the Working Party group in the Terms of Reference here

Is there much community support to revitalise the CBD?

Yes! Recent engagement with the community regarding future of the City prioritises economic development which includes the revitalisation of the CBD.

Economic development including the revitalisation of the CBD was the top ranking future priority in the Community Voice Survey conducted in 2020.

According to youth who participated in a series of World Cafés over the last 14 months, creating a vibrant retail and restaurant sector in the CBD was the second best way the City could be made an even better place to live.

Have any revitalisation works been done yet?

The transformation of the CBD began shortly after the Revitalisation Plan was adopted by Council in June 2017. Projects already completed include CBD Underground Power, the Rocks Laneway, Durlacher Street Roundabout, Art-Covered Bollards and the Parklet Trail.

Chapman Road Streetscape

Chaomand Road looking north

Chapman Road North

Chapman Road South

Chapman Road South