Cathedral Avenue - Sanford Street Roundabout

The Cathedral Avenue and Sanford Street intersection, one of the busiest in the CBD, is being transformed into a roundabout to improve traffic safety and the general flow of traffic in the area in alignment with CBD revitalisation plans. Read more here

Over the years traffic congestion has steadily increased along Cathedral Avenue in the vicinity of the schools with almost 9,000 vehicles traveling through the intersection every day. Peak hour traffic, which happens around school pick-up and drop-off times, sees over 800 vehicles between 8-9am and nearly 1000 vehicles from 3-4pm traveling through the intersection.

Converting the intersection to a roundabout will enable drivers entering or exiting Cathedral Avenue at the intersection to do so in a quicker and safer way and provide pedestrians with a safer way to cross the road.

Read the Project Newsletter here

This project is part of the revitalisation of the CBD. Check out the City Centre Revitalisation 3D fly through video here

The construction of the roundabout is expected to be completed before the end of the 2020/2021 financial year.

Cathedral Avenue Sanford Street Intersection

IMAGE: Early morning traffic congestion at the intersection of Cathedral Avenue and Sanford Street.

Project Funding

The City has received $1.27 million in funding from the Australian Government Black Spot program to build the roundabout. Read more here

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Project Works

On Thursday 11 March 2021 construction on the roundabout began. More here

To improve traffic safety at the intersection including safe intersection sight distance, pedestrian connectivity and to improve the general traffic operation of the intersection a number of trees were removed. Although the City’s preference is to maintain and keep street trees where they are, the removal of the trees in the vicinity of the intersection are required.

The City will be offsetting the removal of the tree by planting trees in public open spaces. 

To ensure community safety during the works the decision was made to close the intersection during construction.

Map of Road Closure

Map of road closure

Roundabout Design

Cathedral Avenue Sanford Street roundabout design

IMAGE: Cathedral Avenue and Sanford Street Roundabout Design