Durlacher - Maitland Streets Roundabout

Construction of a roundabout at the Durlacher- Maitland Streets T-intersection, an identified Black Spot and one of the busiest intersections in the CBD, will begin in April 2020. Read more here

The project will improve traffic safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians whilst improving traffic flow in the area.

Over the years traffic congestion has steadily increased along Durlacher and Maitland Streets in the vicinity of the schools with almost 9,000 vehicles travelling through the intersection every day.

Durlacher Maitland Streets intersection at rush hour

IMAGE: Durlacher Maitland Streets intersection at rush hour

Project Works

In the 2019/2020 financial year preliminary works for the construction of the roundabout, which include utility services relocations and the removal of six small trees and five large Norfolk Pine trees will be undertaken.

Although the City’s preference is to maintain and keep trees where they are, the removal of these trees are necessary to improve traffic safety at the intersection including safe intersection sight distance, bicycle and pedestrian connectivity, safe passing opportunities on Durlacher Street and to improve the general traffic operation of the intersection. 

The City is currently investigating options to offset the removal of the trees and has included the planting of street trees throughout the CBD as part of the revitalisation of the area. Check out the 3D fly through video here

The construction of the roundabout is expected to be completed in 2020.

Durlacher Maitlands Streets Roundabout design

IMAGE: Durlacher Maitland Streets Roundabout Design

The estimated $1 million project is jointly funded with the State Government Black Spot program funding two thirds of the costs and the City the remaining one third.