Coastal Erosion and Inundation Studies

Australia’s coastal communities are vulnerable to coastal erosion and inundation as a result of major storm surges, storm tides and sea level rise.

While the scientific community has established that climate change is occurring, uncertainty remains about the magnitude and extent of the impacts  coastal communities will experience from these changes.

To better understand the impacts of coastal erosion and inundation to our City, including the effects of potential climate change and sea level rise, the City engaged specialist coastal and port engineers MP Rogers & Associates Pty Ltd to conduct two studies:

Coastal Erosion and Adaptation Concepts

The shoreline fronting Whitehill Road is eroding and requires mitigation or adaptation planning which could include the construction of a boat launching facility. 

Read more in the  Whitehill Road Boat Launching Facility Concept Investigations Report

Managing Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

To assist adapting to climate change and sea level rise the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) and the Department of the Environment and Energy have developed CoastAdapt, a website that provides information delivery and decision support tools for coastal managers.