Potential Coastal Adaptation Projects

Bluff Point Foreshore Coastal Adaptation Investigations

Drummond Cove Boat Launching Facility Concept Design

Bluff Point Foreshore Coastal Adaptation Investigations

The Bluff Point coastline was identified in the Geraldton Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP) as being at risk from coastal erosion over the immediate planning time frame to 2030.

In early 2020, the City engaged M P Rogers and Associates to investigate and provide advice on potential coastal adaptation options for the Bluff Point foreshore. The report identified two locations at southern and northern ends of the foreshore that may require coastal adaptation works to help manage these coastal hazards.

The City is currently investigating the installation of a low-crest GSC groyne in the area north of Frederick Street to provide 'no regrets' coastal resilience to the northern section of the Bluff Point foreshore. The groyne would be similar to the ones installed at St Georges Beach, Sunset Beach and Drummond Cove. The groyne would also be complemented by sand nourishment to replenish the foreshore. 

Read the Bluff Point Coastal Adaptation Options Assessment Report here

Photo: Bluff Point Northern Foreshore

Bluff Point Northern Foreshore


Drummond Cove Boat Launching Facility Concept Design

For many years, the community has been requesting the informal boat launch located south of the John Batten Community Hall be formalised.

In recent years, the shoreline fronting Whitehill Road has come under erosive pressure that requires mitigation to reduce further coastal erosion. This erosion is also impacting the accessibility of the informal boat launch.

In 2021, the State Government allocated $3.2 million in the 2021/2022 WA State Budget to manage coastal erosion at Drummond Cove and improve community recreation facilities, and began further investigations into potentially constructing a boat ramp to the north of the Community Hall.

These initial investigations, undertaken by the State Government, and the preliminary data collected during the investigation, suggested a rock wall would be required to protect a boat ramp from swell, surge and storm action.  Read the Drummond Cove Boat Launching Facility Concept Design Report 2021 here

As the estimated cost to build the required infrastructure exceeds the State Government funding allocated towards coastal projects in Drummond Cove, the decision was made to engage the community on whether or not the funding should be used to progress a boat ramp or if it should be used for other coastal recreation facilities in the suburb.

The City partnered with the Drummond Cove Progress Association to conduct a community survey.The majority of the survey respondents supported the construction of a boat ramp in Drummond Cove.

Read the Drummond Cove Coastal Recreation Facilities Survey Report here


Image: Drummond Cove Boat Launch CONCEPT DESIGN and LAYOUT (see report) modeled on a submission by the Drummond Cove Progress Association Boat Ramp Sub-Committee.

Drummonf Cove Boat Launch Concept Design/Layout