HMAS Sydney II Memorial Ablution Block

The HMAS Sydney II Memorial, located on the top of Mount Scott, is a monument of National Significance and a prominent Geraldton landmark.  Initially, the Memorial did not have an onsite toilet and approximately 10 years ago a single unisex, universal toilet was installed adjacent to the car park.

Since then, the Memorial has become an important tourist attraction with visitation numbers having increased to a level that the existing toilet facility must be supplemented with temporary toilet facilities, particularly when cruise ships and tour groups visit the City.

Since 2014, the City has worked with the HMAS Sydney II Memorial Committee to develop ablution block designs that are sympathetic to the Memorial and its existing surroundings that meet the requirements of the Conservation Framework and can be constructed for a cost compatible with the City's long-term financial plan. The architectural wave lines from the Memorial have been used on the toilet block as well.

The design developed by Smith Sculptors was approved by Council in April 2019.  In July 2020, construction of the new $333,000 ablution block began local contractor Geraldton Building Services and Cabinets (GBSC) and was completed in May 2021.

IMAGE: Front view of the ablution block.

Toilet block front

IMAGE: Wave line features on the Memorial wall.

Wave lines features on the Memorial wall