Meru Waste Facility Cell Five Construction Project

The current waste disposal cells at the Meru Waste Facility are predicted to be full by 2020. Therefore the construction of a new cell, or pit, and septage pond has allowed the community to continue to dispose of Class 3 Waste (contaminated waste and liquid waste ponds) into the future. It also allows neighbouring shires to continue to dispose their general waste and liquid waste into the future with disposal fees that generate Council income. More here

To reduce the impacts on the surrounding environment, all landfill cells must be lined with an appropriate leachate system installed in accordance with the Department of Water, Environment and Regulation requirements. Leachate is liquid release by or water that has percolated through waste and contains some of the waste constituents.  At Meru, leachate results from precipitation entering the landfill.

Cell 5 is lined with clay, geosynthetic, high-density polyethylene and geotextile layers and a pump system to remove leachate liquid into ponds where it can evaporate.

Construction of the $4.8 million Cell 5 at Meru was undertaken by locally based contractor WBHO and completed in late 2019.

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 Site Map