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Published on Wednesday, 18 May 2022 at 9:04:44 AM

In an ongoing effort to reduce the spread of the invasive African Boxthorn weed, the City will be holding three community workshops on how to treat smaller plants.

Brought into Australia from South Africa in the mid-1800s as a hedge plant, Boxthorn has become one of the country’s most widespread weeds that grows in climates ranging from semi-arid inland areas to high rainfall coastal environments.

City of Greater Geraldton Chief Executive Office Ross McKim said getting this weed of National Significance under control is challenging.

“This plant spreads by seed, suckers and even root or tree pruning fragments that either get left behind or when dumped elsewhere can take root and grow if the area suits the plant’s needs,” he said.

“It also produces flowers and fruit from old wood so pruning doesn’t help, it’s tolerant to drought, salt spray and sand blasting.

“It grows in partial shade and full sun and once established it is tolerant to grazing due to its spiny nature and displaces native vegetation which reduces biodiversity values.

“I encourage anyone who has this plant growing on their property to attend one of the workshops to learn how to combat this high invasive species with the use of Boxthorn Blitz Kits.”

Community members are invited to attend one of the following three workshops:

Hillview Drive Reserve, Drummond Cove

Saturday 28th May 9am – 11am

Triton Place carpark, Sunset Beach

Hosted by Sunset Beach Community Group  

Sunday 29th May 9am – 11am

Spalding Park, Chapman River Regional Park

Hosted by Chapman River Friends and Geraldton Mountain Bike Club

Saturday 25th June 9am – 11am

For more information on the workshops, or to RSVP you attendance, please call 9956 6600 or email 

Registered participants will be able to borrow a Boxthorn Blitz Bag to control small boxthorn plants in their own areas of interest.

Boxthorn blitz workshop bags


Picture Caption: Environment and Sustainable Team members Shannon Holler (left) and Meagan Thompson with Boxthorn Blitz bags.

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