City switches to more solar lighting

Published on Friday, 15 February 2019 at 3:03:37 PM

Improved community safety and massive energy savings are the shining results of solar lights installed at Pages Beach and the QPT this week.

Six, cyclone rated light poles with 60W LED solar luminaries have been installed at the Pages Beach carpark and 15 light poles in and around the QPT have been retrofitted with 20W solar LED lights.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn said the continued rollout of solar lighting in public open spaces is demonstrating the City’s commitment to sustainability and innovation whilst saving energy costs.

“Retrofitting the existing QPT light poles with solar powered light fixtures cost $30,000 but achieved many times this amount in savings as the replacement of underground cables to power traditional lighting was no longer required,” he said.

“The Pages Beach carpark light poles, which are the same as those recently installed at the Point Moore carpark, were also highly cost effective to install as they also didn’t require electrical cables to the poles which significantly reduced costs.”

The $30,000 investment in carpark lighting at Pages Beach has already improved community well-being and safety.

“On the first night the lights were on members of the community were already taking advantage of the cooler evening temperatures by having a family picnic at Pages Beach,” said Mayor Van Styn.

“Since we’ve upgraded the lighting at the Point Moore carpark in early January we’ve received positive feedback from people using the area for recreational activities in the evening.

“The night time activation of these spaces through lighting is certainly making them less attractive for people doing the wrong thing.”

Monitoring of the solar lighting installations will continue for consideration at other sites in the City.

PICTURE CAPTION: Recently installed solar light poles at the Pages Beach carpark.


Pages Berach carpark lit at night

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