Greenough River Conservation Area

The Greenough River source lies about 60 km north of Yalgoo. From its headwaters, the Greenough River flows southwest for about 340 km, discharging to the Indian Ocean at Cape Burney, about 10 km south of Geraldton.

Greenough River reserve is an area of high conservation significance. Under the Natural Areas Management Strategy 2021 (link here) this reserve has high conservation value, high visitation level and a high level of infrastructure and trails. Covering approximately 450 ha this reserve begins at Bootenal Springs in Greenough and ends downstream at the Greenough River mouth in Cape Burney.

A diverse array of flora and fauna are found within the Greenough River reserve. More here

Information on how the City of Greater Geraldton manages pests and feral animals here

Greenough River


Greenough River Walk Trail

The Greenough River meets the sea at Cape Burney, 10km south of Geraldton. Most of the year, the river is blocked from the sea by a sandbar, creating the ideal feeding and resting habitat for a wide variety of resident and migratory birds. The Greenough River Walk trail is a mix of coastal vegetation and beautiful river views all year round. Spring is a good time to do this walk, with cooler conditions and the added benefit of the abundance of beautiful spring wildflowers.

The Greenough River Walking Trail consists of a loop that meanders for 17km, from the car park at Greenough River Road at Cape Burney, completing the loop at the Greenough River Mouth at Double Beach.  The 17-kilometre loop walk is mostly flat, with some shared vehicle tracks. Allow at least four hours and take plenty of water if you intend to complete the entire loop.

Rest points, shelters and lookouts are located along the river trail enabling you to stop, rest and admire the view. Toilets are located at Cape Burney beach car park.

Shorter walks are available, for example; from the car park at Greenough River Walk it is a 3.4km walk to Devlin Pool Road. The walking trail can also be accessed at Devlin Pool Road and Bootenal Springs Road.

More information and a map is available here

When visiting the walk trails and other site please leave only footprints, take only photos and stay on the trails. Dogs must be kept on a leash. It is illegal to take flora without a permit.

Greenough River: How you can help here

Greenough River