Nangetty-Walkaway Road Bridge


The Nangetty-Walkaway Road Bridge, located on the east side of the Walkaway town site, just before the entrance to Mooreview Plants and Trees, was built in 1964 and is a City asset.  Since its construction, the transport industry has grown and changed and the use of road trains up to 36.5m long RAV7 (Restricted Access Vehicles) on regional roads has become commonplace.

To increase the capacity of the bridge to carry the ever increasing heavy loads and improve safety a number of remediation works have been undertaken over the years including:

  • 2003: Deck strengthened-carbon fibre
  • 2003: Piers strengthened
  • 2007: Guardrail upgraded

Following a recent bridge inspection, part of regular infrastructure audits, concerns were raised about the capacity of the 57 year old bridge to carry heavy haulage vehicles up to RAV7. This route services grain-harvest, lime-sand, sand mining and other community freight operations as it provides important linkages to the commercial and industrial areas of the City and to the Geraldton Port via the Geraldton Mount Magnet Road.

Since then, Main Roads WA and the City have been working together to find short, medium and long term solutions.

On 2 and 3 June 2021 the City held community information sessions to inform residents and businesses about the future use of the bridge. More here

View Information Session Presentation here

Nangetty-Walkaway Road Bridge

Short Term Solution

In the short term, traffic movements on the existing bridge will be restricted to one lane (under traffic control) and the speed limit to cross the bridge proposed to be reduced to 10km/h. This will ensure this important Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV) rated road will remain open for RAV7 (heavy vehicles up to 36.5m) to use in the short term.

The changes to traffic management on the bridge will begin in June 2021. To ensure community safety, whilst maintaining this important RAV7 transport network, these short term changes will stay in place until a medium term solution is finalised.

View Short Term Solution PDF here

Nangetty Walkaway Bridge Short Term Solution

Proposed Medium Term Solution

The proposed medium term solution is to provide an alternative heavy haulage route for the RAV7 network over Arthur Road. This will help preserve the integrity of the bridge until the long term solution can be implemented. To improve the safety of vehicles using Arthur Road whilst reducing and noise that could impact the adjoining properties the southern section of Arthur Road (approximately 14 kms) will be sealed. It will take approximately five months to seal Arthur Road.

Arthur Road was chosen as an alternative route for a number of reasons including:

  • Road Classification: Arthur road is already part of the RAV network and as such is already being used by heavy haulage vehicles with parts of the road already classified RAV7.
  • Proximity and Location. Arthur Road is located just east of, and runs parallel to, Edward Road.
  • Road Condition: The northern section of Arthur Road is already sealed, therefore, only approximately 14kms of road will need to be sealed.
  • Alternative Routes: Other RAV7 routes considered, however, they are significant detours in terms of distance, time and cost to the commodity freight companies

View Medium Term Solution PDF here

Nangetty Walkaway Bridge Medium Term Solution


The City and Main Roads WA also considered the following alternative RAV7 routes:

  • Brand Highway through Dongara via Midlands Road
  • Brand Highway through Bookara via Mount Horner Road
  • Geraldton-Mount Magnet Road through Eradu via Ambania Road
  • Geraldton-Mount Magnet Road through Eradu via Casuarinas Road

What will happen to the bridge once Arthur Road is sealed?

Two-way traffic will resume on the bridge. However, traffic will be restricted to light vehicles only and some service vehicles (i.e. buses, rubbish trucks, etc…).  All other vehicles will be required to use Arthur Road.

Who will fund the proposed sealing of Arthur Road?

Main Roads WA is providing $1m in funding to the City towards the proposed sealing of Arthur Road.

Is the sealing of Arthur Road part of the Main Roads WA Dongara- Northampton Bypass?

No, it is not. This, proposed medium term solution is to provide a RAV7 network road to the grain-harvest, lime-sand, sand mining and other community freight operations.

Long Term Solution

The proposed long term solution is to build a new bridge engineered to carry RAV7 vehicles. The City is already working with Main Roads WA on this long term solution.

Nangetty-Walkaway Bridge Road FAQs here