GRAMS Reserve Upgrade

A long awaited upgrade to GRAMS Reserve located in Rangeway, that includes the construction of skate/scoot track and basketball half court, a water tank mural, entrance and misting sculptures and the installation of lighting which will enhance the recently upgraded footpaths and playground equipment was completed in February 2022 and officially opened in March 2022. More here

Image: Official opening which included a traditional Smoking Ceremony.

Officail opening of project

The Parks Level of Service and master planning project completed in 2019 identified GRAMS Reserve as being a priority for upgraded facilities. The project is an outcome of ongoing efforts by the City to provide sustainable and equitably distributed recreational facilities.

The improvements to the reserve, which began in October 2021, more here, will help bring it up to the District Park standard it should have.

The project plans and art work concepts for the upgrade were developed in collaboration with the community, landscape architects, public artists, skate park designers, local skaters and City staff. The upgrade has changed the entire look and feel of the area for the local community.

Image: Basketball half court and skate/scoot track.

Basketball half court and skate/scoot track

The Planning and Design Process

The process of design was undertaken by landscape architects, UDLA, who worked with a community reference group to draw out key themes for the park, and desirable elements that would support these themes. 

The themes that emerged from this collaboration were the need for a healing space, connectivity to the environment, history and community, and for young people to have a safe enjoyable place.

These themes informed the collaboration between well know public artists, George Domahidy and Pavel Perina and Champion Bay High School Students. The artists spent three days with the students where together they explored motifs and ideas around belonging, the natural environment, and the history of the area.  The three artworks featured in the park are the result of that process.

The entrance sculpture when viewed at different angles created different shapes that resemble a heart or trees leaning in the wind.

Although a water misting element to cool the play environment was part of the project the opportunity to make it something special wasn’t missed.

The artists utilised additional ideas developed by the students to create the teardrop sculpture that represents a place of shelter and nurturing.

The water tank mural is a composite artwork of landscape concepts and motifs drawn from the natural environment that were expressed by the students in the workshops.

Project Funding

The $625,000 project is co-funded with Lotterywest contributing $530,000 towards the works. More here

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Public Art

The Park features three artworks. An entrance sculpture, a water misting sculpture and a water tank mural.

Images: Entrance sculpture left and water misting sculpture.

Entrance Sculpture Misting Sculpture Misting Sculpture


Image: Public artists George Domahidy and Pavel Perina painting the water tank mural.

Water Tank Mural Designs

Water Tank Mural

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