GRAG Park Upgrade

The ongoing transformation of Chapman Road into a place for people is about to enter the next stage with upgrades to the park located beside the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery (GRAG) currently underway. More here

The long overdue upgrades will turn the underutilised park into a beautiful community meeting space that compliments the historical building. Dating back over 100 years, GRAG Park was the location of the Council Chambers from 1897 and GRAG was the Town Hall from 1907. That changed in 1963 when the seat of local government relocated to its current location at 63 Cathedral Avenue.

IMAGE: Geraldton Town Hall (now GRAG) and Council Chambers (right) before it was demolished in 1969.

Geraldton TOwn Hall and Council Chambers

The upgrades, that began in mid January 2022, will take about five months to complete, will completely transform the empty space by demolishing the aged toilet block (built in 1983) and opening up the space to Carpark Station 4. A new accessible toilet will then be built within the park.  The project also includes the construction of a covered walkway along the Gallery building, footpath upgrades, seating and areas to temporarily display public art.

The landscaping will also be greatly improved with the planting of twelve trees and the establishment of gardens to showcase the region’s world class wildflowers. 

Construction of the estimated $1.2 million project was awarded to local contractors GBSC who will undertake the demolition and building works with Parscape upgrading the landscaping. More here

See Information Session Presentation here

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IMAGES: Artist renditions of the GRAG Park upgrade.

GRAG Park East GRAG Park West

Why is the City upgrading GRAG Park?

Every year the City allocates funding in the Budget to undertake works to revitalise the City Centre.  By making the area more vibrant the space will attract more locals and draw in tourists which in turn, may attract new businesses and investment.

The project essentially bookends the Rocks Laneway enabling people to move from GRAG through the CBD and onto the Foreshore though a series of walkways featuring artworks, covered seating areas and meeting places.

Having a park in the heart of the CBD is really something special and once completed, it will make a lasting first impression on tourists visiting the Visitor Centre located in the GRAG building.

These long overdue changes will also enable the Art Gallery to overflow into the park on exhibition opening nights and during the day, people can relax in the space before venturing into the City centre and onto the Foreshore via the Rocks Laneway.

IMAGES: Artist renditions of the GRAG Park upgrade.

Grage Park north GRAG Park south

Questions About Construction Works

Will the Post Office carpark be closed during the construction works?

Parking Station 4 (Post Office carpark) will remain open during the works however, a number of parking spaces in the vicinity of the Park and GRAG building will not be available.  These will be fenced off and used for the safe demolition of the toilet block and works related to the upgrade.

Will the construction works impact traffic on Chapman Road?

No, they won’t.

Will the construction works impact access to the GRAG building?

No, they won't.

GRAG Park Before the Upgrade

GRAG Park before 1 GRAG Park before 2