Community Voice - Shaping Our Future Project

On 11 November 2019, the City launched the biggest community engagement campaign in over five years, the Community Voice - Shaping our Future Project. The Project, which is giving residents the chance to have their say on the services the City provides and future capital works projects, will be delivered in a series of stages over the coming 12 months. More here

Community Voice Project logo

Stage 1: Community Voice Survey

Members of the community who have an opinion about what the City does, or doesn't do well, were given the opportunity to tell the City what they believe by taking the Community Voice Survey.

Survey respondents had the opportunity to tell us how important city assets and services are to them and whether they are happy or unhappy with the maintenance of assets or the delivery of services.

There was also an opportunity to tell the City what you think Council should be focusing on over the next three years.  The Survey is now closed. Survey results will be available soon.

Stage 2: Community Voice Workshop Series

In February and March 2020, a series of workshops will be held with a 30 person community panel of randomly selected members of the community.

What is a Community Panel?

A Community Panel involves the wider community in the decision-making process. Community Panels use a representative sample of community members without formal alignments or allegiances (usually selected in a random or stratified manner) who are briefed in detail on the background and current thinking relating to a particular issue, and asked to discuss possible approaches.. Community members are asked to become members of the Panel and make a judgement in the form of a report. The issues they are asked to consider will be those that have an effect across the broad community and where a representative and democratic decision-making process is required.

Community Panels can be used to provide a transparent and non-aligned viewpoint.

Community Panels bring with them an intrinsic worth in the good sense and wisdom borne of their own knowledge and personal experience. Community Panels provide the opportunity to add to that knowledge and to exchange ideas with their fellow community members. The result is a collective one, in which each Panel member has a valuable contribution to make.

The Community Panel is currently reviewing City services and deliberating their future delivery.

What Services Does the City Provide?

Want to know more about the services the City provides the community? Watch a series of short videos about our services below.

Stage Three: Capital Works Prioritisation

Early next financial year, the City will engage the community on future capital works projects. What this space for more details as the project progresses.