Rocks Laneway Project

The Rocks Laneway Project is the first cab off the rank in the revitalisation of the City Centre.  The project not only creates a major new pedestrian connection between the CBD and the Foreshore, it features spaces for year round community events and activities, including opportunities for local artists to exhibit and perform. This sequence of activated spaces will be stitched together with a bold meta graphic by renowned artist Trevor Richards that references Geraldton wildflowers (pink, yellow and white) on a background of green sea grass. This visually striking feature will attract visitors, bring locals back to the City Centre and encourage longer visitation both day and night.  More here

The design and construction of the Rocks Laneway Project comprises of a team of professionals.


  • UDLA: Urban & Landscape Designers and lead consultant
  • Taylor Robinson Chaney Broderick: Architects
  • ARUP: Structural, Hydralic & Fire
  • ETC Engineering: Electrical


Geraldton Building Services & Cabinets (GBSC)

Project Elements

The project comprises four key elements. More here

Project overview here

Site Map

Project Elements

1. The Rocks Building

Formerly a traditional retail building that fronts Marine Terrace and Foreshore Drive, the building will be converted into a pedestrian laneway. This new laneway will enable easy pedestrian movement between the beach and the retail heart of Marine Terrace. The building structure will be a new community hub in the centre of the retail precinct with a highly flexible space to cater for a broad range of public and private events and activities.  More here

The Rocks Laneway  Rocks Laneway from Foreshore Drive

Rocks from Marine Terrace.                                                  Rocks from Foreshore Drive.

Inside Rocks  Rocks floor plan

Inside Rocks.                                                                       Rocks floor plan.

2. Town Square and Ghost Office

This space is to be simplified to create an uncomplicated more cohesive and welcoming plaza that is a comfortable meeting place for pedestrians. The removal of the existing clock tower will enable the road way to be straightened and reinstate the legibility of Marine Terrace. An architectural interpretation of the Post Office that formerly stood on the site is to be constructed (called the ‘Ghost Office’) to provide shade, seating and a historical context (with the re-housed original clock) to the street. The Ghost Office will incorporate functional lighting to encourage night time activation.  More here

Check out this short video of the Clock Tower being demolished to make way for the Ghost Office. Video here

 Ghost Office  Ghost Office at street level

Ghost Office and town square.                                               Straightened Marine Terrace.

Original Post Office  Ghost Office

Original Post Office

3. Post Office Lane

Post Office Lane connects the Town Square further into the fabric of Geraldton ending at Chapman Road. The lane also provides an important connection between the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery, the Town Square and the Rocks Building. The laneway will prioritise pedestrians with new trees, seating and lighting. Light boxes will be mounted on the wall of the Telstra building to display community art.

Telstra builing in the Post Office Laneway  Post Office Lane from marine Terrace

The Telstra building in the Post Office Laneway.

4. Meta Graphics

Conceptualised by renowned artist Trevor Richards, a meta graphic painted on walls of the Telstra Building, the pavement of the post Office Laneway, across Marine Terrace and through the Rocks Laneway will ‘stitch’ the whole project together. This bold pattern referencing Geraldton wildflowers (pink and yellow) on a background of green sea grass will be a visually striking feature of an unprecedented scale in regional WA. Its key role will be to enable further community art installations in this part of the City Centre, generating activation and ownership of the precinct. A sequence of seating barnacles will be strategically located from both ends of the project, from the Art Gallery through to the Rock Groyne opposite Dome Café. More here

Telstra building at Chapman Road  Telstra building in the ostoffice Laneway

The Telstra building.

Grand Reveal

On Friday 20 September, the brand new Rocks Laneway project will be complete and it will be revealed to the community for the very first time.

To mark the opening, there will be an official ‘light switch flick’ which will illuminate the Ghost Office to the public for the very first time.

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