Hillview-Seacrest Reserve Rehabilitation Site Plan


Over the last few years, Drummond Cove residents have raised a number of issues and concerns regarding the Hillview-Seacrest Reserve, which is designated by Landgate for Public Recreation, and for environmental conservation under the City’s Local Planning Scheme No 1. Issues identified by the residents include:

  • Fire risk
  • Encroachment and clearing of vegetation
  • Erosion and stability of the slope
  • Weeds
  • Protecting habitat for fauna
  • Privacy

To gain a better understanding of these issues and the concerns of local residents the City began engaging with the community in September 2021.

Image: Aerial map of the Hillview-Seacrest Reserve

Areial map of the Hillview-Seacrest Reserve

Community Meeting

On Thursday 23 September 2021, a meeting was held on the reserve at the Hillview Drive access point. The objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Inform residents of the installation of a mulched fire break around the perimeter of the reserve to meet firebreak compliance
  • Inform residents of the staged removal of African Boxthorn and Black Wattle in the reserve
  • Determine the level of interest of local residents to collaborate with the City to develop a site plan to rehabilitate the reserve.

At this meeting a high level of interest was expressed by residents to work with the City to co-create a site plan. 

Read the report on the community meeting including objectives, information shared and consensus outcomes here

Community Workshop #1

On Monday 29 November 2021, a community workshop was held at the John Batten Community Hall in Drummond Cove. The objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Reach consensus on a vision for the reserve
  • Develop a framework to guide the process for the site plan creation
  • Identify roles and responsibilities

Read the Hillview-Seacrest Reserve Community Workshop Report, including the vision for the reserve, identification of works and their locations and potential roles and responsibilities of both community members and City employees here

Community Workshop #2

The second community workshop is being planned for late February 2022.