Parks and Playgrounds

Park Hierarchy and Levels of Service

On 24 May 2016 Council Endorsed the Park Hierarchy and the associated level of service guidelines. The hierarchy and service levels were developed in accordance with the Western Australian Planning Commission's 'Liveable Neighbourhoods' publication and the City's Public Open Space Strategy.

Read the Park Hierarchy guidelines here

Read the Park Schedule here

View Park Mapping here

Play Equipment Audits

In 2015 the City undertook extensive play equipment safety inspections as part of an ongoing program of asset audits.

As a result, a number of playgrounds and some individual pieces of play equipment have been found to be in poor condition or of an unacceptable standard and removed to ensure community safety.

The following parks including all their playground equipment is open to the public:

  • AMC Park                                                                               
  • Bayside Park                      
  • Bellimos Park                                         
  • Bluff Point Estate Park                        
  • Brett Foster Park
  • Bringo Tennis
  • Challener Park                                      
  • Conus Way Park                                   
  • Cooper Circuit Park                            
  • Crow's Nest Playground
  • Coxswain Park                                      
  • Derna Park                                            
  • Ellendale Pool                                                                                          
  • Fraser Street Park                           
  • Gertrude Street Park
  • Glass Crescent Park                             
  • Glendinning Park  reopened 12 April 2016   (toilets rebuilt and available)
  • Greenough Park
  • Greenough Oval  (toilets available)                        
  • Hadda Park (Mahomets Beach) reopened 19 April 2016    (toilets rebuilt and available)
  • Hakea Park
  • Karloo Park                                              
  • Marina Park                 
  • Maitland Park - swings have been replaced
  • Mersey Drive Park
  • Muir Park  reopened 15 April 2016
  • Mullewa Lion's Club Park  (toilets available) 
  • Pages Beach  reopened 7 April 2016   (toilets available)
  • Paringa Park
  • Rundle Park reopened 18 April  (toilets available)                                                                        
  • Seahaven Park                            
  • Spalding Park   reopened 13 April 2016    (toilets available)
  • Strathalbyn Park                                   
  • Tarcoola Park                                         
  • Tom Burges Park
  • Town Foreshore   (toilets available)                                  
  • Tuart Street Park                                  
  • Walkaway Recreation Grounds       
  • Wonthella Federation Community Park
  • Woodman Street Park                        
  • Wooree Park                                         
  • Yarraman Park
  • Zeewyck Court Park                         

The following parks have had some play equipment removed:

  • Bulgara Park (toilets available)   - swings have been removed
  • Forrester Park - sport equipment has been removed
  • Iduna Park - climbing unit has been removed
  • Lester Square park - climbing unit has been removed
  • Norm Brand Park - swings have been removed
  • Waggrakine Hall - spring rockers have been removed

To ensure community safety the City has removed all the play equipment in the following parks:

  • Alexander Park
  • Clematis Park
  • Family Day Care Centre
  • Jenner Park
  • Levy Street Park
  • Vincent Street Park

View the City of Greater Geraldton Parks map.