City turns up the heat on weed control

Published on Monday, 15 July 2019 at 10:55:50 AM

Weeds across the City are beginning to feel the heat as the City rolls out a 12-month steam treatment trial for the unwanted plants.

The trial, which began last week, uses a purpose built, steam treatment machine that applies steam directly to plant foliage.

City of Greater Geraldton CEO Ross McKim said the trial is part of ongoing investigations to identify alternative, environmentally friendly and cost effective ways to control weeds.

“Managing weeds in our parks, open spaces, road reserves and paths and even in our drains is a massive, never ending, task,” he said.

“Weeds can have a huge impact on our environment by choking out native plant species and reducing food sources or habitat for native animals.

“They can also create fire hazards which is why weed control is a very important part of the City’s operations.

“Given the sheer volume of work involved in weed control we are always looking for alternative weed management practices that can achieve effective results whilst reducing the need for chemical control methods,” he added.

The trial will monitor the cost and efficiency of steam as an alternative to Glyphosate for weed control.


Steam treating weeds in the Mahomets Flats playground.


Steam treating weeds in the Mahomets Flats playground.

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