Native Fauna

A diverse array of native fauna are found within the Greater Geraldton region. Two of our most popular sites for viewing wildlife are the Chapman River Regional Park and Greenough River. 

Birds Mammals Other Species

Chapman River Regional Park

At the Chapman River Regional Park, ten species of native mammals, 39 reptiles and six frog species have been recorded. A myriad of bird species inhabit the river and estuary, Birdlife Midwest has recorded 115 species. 

At the river mouth, the saltmarsh fills a vital ecological role providing nursery habitat for prawns and fishes, including commercial fish species. A mixture of estuarine and riverine species occurs in the this area. The sediments, plants and algae support a richness of molluscs, crustaceans and other invertebrates that form the diet of wildlife including shorebirds, micro-bats, ospreys, and fish, such as the endangered Golden Gudgeon (Hypseleotris aurea).

Greenough River 

Within the Greenough River region 148 bird species have been recorded, including 32 species of migratory and resident shore birds. Other species recorded include the White-striped Freetail-bat and the Fat-tailed Dunnart, 28 reptiles including the Carpet Python, Bynoe’s Gecko and Western Brown Snake.

Rainbow Bee Eaters Sacred kingfisher White Faced Heron

Photos L-R: Rainbow Bee Eaters, Sacred Kingfisher, White Faced Heron

Injured Wildlife

If you find injured native wildlife, please contact Michelle from GG Wildlife Rescue; 0401 272 608 or or visit them on Facebook.

For injured birds of prey, please contact Janelle from Just Raptors; 0429 028 711 or or visit them on Facebook.

Contact Wildcare Helpline on 08 9474 9055 or visit their website here to find out more.